What Was The Octopus Monster In The Fellowship Of The Ring?

In The Fellowship of the Ring, the heroes encountered a tentacled beast in a swampy, stagnant lake. After making an attempt to make their approach throughout Caradhras throughout a lethal blizzard, the Fellowship was stopped of their tracks by Saruman, who was placing a curse on the Mountains of Moria to try to carry it down and cease the Fellowship from going any additional. The Fellowship was buried in snow on the damaging path when Boromir stated they wanted to get off the mountain for it will be the demise of the hobbits. Gimli had talked about the group may go by means of the Mines of Moria, however Gandalf was weary of traversing this path because of the Balrog.

Nonetheless, Gandalf let the Ring-bearer—Frodo—determine which path they might take. And naturally, Frodo selected to undergo the mines since Gandalf did not let on why they should not. When the Fellowship reached the Doorways of Durin (or the West Gate of Moria), it mirrored the moonlight, displaying two historic timber with an Elvin riddle. The riddle acknowledged “converse good friend, and enter.” Gandalf spent fairly a very long time making an attempt to open the doorways, for he had by no means gone into the mines this fashion. Within the film, it was Frodo who solved the riddle, which was actually quite simple, because the password was merely the Elvish phrase for “good friend“—which was “mellon.”

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However whereas Gandalf was busy making an attempt to open the Doorways of Durin, Merry and Pippin (in fact) had been as much as no good—carelessly throwing rocks into the black lake. The ominous music and digital camera angle suggested something evil was lurking nearby. Aragorn grabbed Merry and Pippin, and he warned them to not disturb the water. However it was too late. On the final second, Frodo was in a position to determine the riddle, and the Fellowship made their approach contained in the mines with Aragorn slowly backing away from the water—alert for what might occur subsequent. However when Gandalf used his magic to light up the darkish mines, Boromir realized this was no mine, however a tomb, and each one of many dwarves had been killed.

mines of moria

That is when the tentacled monster attacked, grabbing Frodo by his ankle and dragging him out into the black lake. Sam was capable of initially get Frodo away from the beast, however it took the entire Fellowship to have the ability to free him. In the film, Peter Jackson’s model of the monster resembled the Kraken, however Tolkien by no means described it this fashion and solely acknowledged that the monster had twenty-one tentacles. Within the e book, this monster was known as the Watcher within the Water. Not a lot is thought about this creature, however it’s stated the Watcher was liable for making a dam that blocked Sirannon River.

This blockade caused the lake water to become deeper, which resulted within the narrowing of the pathway in entrance of the Doorways of Durin because the water’s edge had crept so shut over an extended time frame. Gandalf was initially scared to enter the Mines of Moria as a result of his worry of the Balrog, and Saruman additionally knew of Gandalf’s reasoning for his hesitation. Gandalf stated one thing had “crept or been pushed out of the darkish water underneath the mountains. There are older and fouler issues than Orcs within the deep locations of the world.” Within the film, Gandalf solely says the road about older and fouler issues, and due to the context, the audiences assumed he’s solely speaking in regards to the Balrog seen in Saruman’s e book.


However it’s doable Gandalf had anticipated there being different giant and harmful monsters in and close to Moria as a result of the Dwarves had dug too deep and greedily. Óin, Gimli’s uncle, described within the Guide of Mazarbul that the Orcs had taken the Bridge of Khazad-dûm, and the Dwarves solely approach out was by means of the Doorways of Durin. However as a result of the tentacled beast had constructed the dam, the water was proper as much as the sting of the door. It’s implied the Watcher within the Water tore apart and ate Óin. It isn’t identified what sort of creature or species the Watcher is, only that it is malicious. The creature, like Smaug, appears to additionally act independently of Sauron.

Many Tolkien fans have theorized that the Watcher within the Water lived within the deep waters underneath the mountains till it was freed and made its solution to the darkish lake, the place it watched and waited for any creatures to go by so it may feed on them. Though the monster appears to focus on Frodo (who’s carrying the Ring) and tries to eat him, many nonetheless assume the creature is way too previous and highly effective to be caught up within the troubles of the world. This Lord of the Rings monster is very like a Lovecraftian being who’s possible been round for a lot of centuries.

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