What to do after completing the main story

NS Pokemon series has always tried to give players a lot of things to do after defeating the Elite Four and becoming the Pokemon Champion. In Red & Blue, players that we can visit Cerulean Cave and capture Mewtwo, while the 2nd generation titles allow them to return to the region of the previous game, Kanto. Not surprisingly, perhaps, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining pearls once again becomes important when it comes to post-game content.

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Whether players are looking to improve or strengthen their team or simply want to explore entirely new areas not covered in the main narrative, Brilliant diamond & Shining pearls have them covered. In total, there’s at least ten hours of extra content in the gen 4 remake, providing players with enough incentive to stay tuned.


Compete at Battle Park


As soon as a player uploads their save file after the credits end, they will be directed to go to Snowpoint City and jump on a ship. This will take them to Battle Park where they will be able to compete with other trainers for a chance to win some pretty great prizes including, kept items, Rare Candies, Possibility Patches Power and Capsules.

Compete in super contest programs

pokemon-brilliant-diamond-shine-pearl-super contest

Although technically, players can participate in Super Contest Shows any time after they arrive Hearthome City, many people tend to leave it until the end of the game. Due to the lack of urgency at this point, doing so may allow players to enjoy the experience more than usual. They’ll also have a larger selection of Pokemon late in the game, making it much easier to compete.

Complete Sinnoh Pokedex


It may sound a bit daunting at first, but completing the Sinnoh Pokedex is actually quite simple, as the player will encounter most of its Pokemon at the end of a regular turn. Most will only have a few left to find, then they will be able to Unlock National Dex and start catching Pokemon from other areas, both above and below in the Grand Underground.

Catch Legendary Pokemon


At the time of writing, there are 31 Legendary and Legendary Pokemon available in Brilliant diamond & Shining pearls, with more expected to come in the coming weeks and months. Whether by discovering some of the new accessible parts of Sinnoh or by use of slate in Ramanas . park, capturing each of them will probably take most players several hours, while also providing them with a much stronger team.

Retraining person


As using VS. Seeker to restore the regular trainers they beat, those who have completed the game will also be able to recover the game’s eight gym leaders, and Elite Quartet. They’ll all have stronger teams the second time around, giving players the perfect opportunity to show off how their Pokemon has progressed since the start of the journey.

Complete the National Pokedex


Those who did everything else there has to be in the Gen 4 remake may also want to consider filling up the National Dex. However, players should be forewarned that this is indeed a huge task. This is because many of the 493 Pokemon available in the two games are specific version, which means the player will need to find someone to trade with to get their hands on all over.

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