What the show revealed about Freydís Eiríksdóttir

Over the years, Vikings and their stories have grown in popularity. The first hit series, Vikings, which debuted in 2013 and focuses on the world famous Ragnar Lothbrok and his adventures. Two years later, fans get to follow a fictional character, Uhtred of Bebbanburg, on his own journey in Last Kingdom.

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Viking fans are happy to add another show to their binge-watching list when Vikings: Valhalla was released earlier this year in February. This new series is the sequel to the original series Vikings because the timeline is set 125 years after Ragnar’s rule over the seas. Like Ragnar Lothbrok and many other famous characters, many of the Vikings in this sequel are also historically based on being real people, and Freydís Eiriksdottir is one of them. Here are some facts about the maiden shield that the show hasn’t featured in their backstory.

4 Freydís and Harald probably never dated in real life

In the story, Freydís meets Harald, the great-grandson of Harald Finehair and the Prince of Norway, in the first volume. Not long after, the two quickly caught each other’s eyes and became the main lovers of the show.

However, historians suspect they ever dated in real life. According to the sagas, the only information found about Harald is that he was married twice in his life, and none of his wives were Freydís. Around 1044-1045, he married Elisaveta Yaroslavna of Kyiv, and then in 1048, Harald married Tora Torbergsdatter.

3 Freydís is also known as the Killer

Freydís appears in two sagas, Erik the Red and Saga of the Greenlanders. In the first story, she is described as a heroine and a wicked killer in the second. Depending on the stories fans choose to believe Freydís could be two different people.

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In The Greenlanders’ Saga, Freydís traveled with her husband (not Harald) and his group to Vinland, known as Newfoundland in present-day Canada. When she arrived, she found herself disliked by a group of people, so she lied about the men abusing and beating her. After convincing her husband to avenge her by killing them, which he did, she orders him to kill the women as well. When he refused, she picked up an ax and brutally murdered them all, thus gaining a terrible reputation.

2 Freydís Fought Pregnant

In the saga Erik the Red, Freydís also sailed to Vinland with her people, but unlike the other story, she is a heroine in this story. When she arrived and settled in this new place, the natives gathered and attacked her and her group. They fight back, and once they start to lose, they flee to safety.

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At the time, Freydís was eight months pregnant and was struggling to keep up with the rest of her relatives until she decided to take matters into her own hands. She picked up a sword from a fallen warrior, took a stance, and began pounding it against her naked chest while shouting at the attackers. Historians aren’t sure why this tactic worked, but their enemies backed off.

first She has married

Not much is known about Freydís Eiríksdóttir’s love life, but in The Greenlanders Saga, Her husband has been mentioned since he traveled to Vinland with her on his fourth expedition. Her husband’s name is Thorvard. No one knows his last name.

He is the owner of Gardar, one of the wealthiest estates in Greenland, and it is not clear if he is the father of the child Freydís is carrying. As for the child, there is no information regarding his life or whether Freydís has any more children.

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