What the next Horizon game could learn from Splatoon

The fight one Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon forbidden west is not for everyone. Anyone with an affinity for monster hunter Games might love it for the intense strategies and long fights that ensue as players try to rip away machine parts, but those who don’t might not be interested. That horizon The franchise’s guns are intriguing enough with their own ammunition and varying efficiencies when hunting, though they all somehow suffer from having the same aesthetic that doesn’t quite tie into any part of it horizon‘s world.


Bows and other weapons look rudimentarily strung together, perhaps to give them a deliberate contrast to the Old World technology Aloy wears on her temple. But none are really rooted horizon‘s atmosphere beyond its primitive appearance and functions, which can stifle its creative potential. If you look at other games that cleverly integrate guns as part of their world, there is a recent example in turn 3 this perfectly shows how weapons can be both identifiable and designed to make sense in the game environment.

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Splatoon’s weapon design is a blueprint that Horizon should follow

splatoonThe ink-sloshing guns of are known for their creativity. Particularly, turn 3The new Splatana weapon from has raised the bar when it comes to immersing a weapon into the world of the game. Splatanas are essentially free-standing windshield wipers equipped to sling ink, and as simple as that sounds on paper, it’s genius splatoon Tool that is also immediately recognizable as a sword.

That’s key, because the wiper design wouldn’t land if it didn’t resemble a katana, which it’s named after. It’s not a sword per se, although technically wielded as one due to its design as a hand-to-hand combat instrument.

This is similar to the other splatoon Weapons like Splat Rollers, Inkbrushes, or Sloshers have been incorporated, but while these weapons are invariably the items they resemble, Splatanas are a cross between a katana and a windshield wiper. For example, splatoon could introduce no real sword; It had to be designed in such a way that the actual weapon is still an item that players can still identify as something that fits into their world.

A wiper isn’t as closely related to ink as other weapons, but its cleaning properties still give it the ability to hurl ink. This keeps it consistent with its plethora of ink-related weapons and creatively branching out. turn 3 adds its own bow weapon and shares more similarities with the horizon franchises, but horizon should look splatoon– and the Splatana in particular – if new weapons are introduced in a future sequel.

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How Horizon could get creative with their weapons in the future

Horizon forbidden westThe weapons of the US are indicative of the relatively underdeveloped state of the world, with primitive tools serving tribes across the country. Aloy’s main weapons are bows with elemental or otherwise enhanced arrows, and the rest of her inventory is an eclectic array, including tripcasters, shredder gauntlets, and bolt blasters. However, while various machine parts are used in the crafting of new weapons, these weapons are hardly indicative of the machines that players fell upon to craft them. Look at splatoon‘s Splatana, the weapon is creative because it still fits perfectly with the world and environment it’s in while being a fun take on a windshield wiper.

horizon doesn’t have a weapon specifically resembling a machine’s plate scales or appendages, for example, although there are some detachable turrets that Aloy can equip with limited ammo. The Wraiths of the Far Zeniths lay shattered and it would be amazing to see Aloy and her company be able to craft new weapons from their technologically advanced hulls.

Either way, horizon‘s weapons would be inventively rooted in the world if they resembled a severed or salvaged part. Bows and other trick weapons aren’t necessarily uninspired, but if they looked more like the machines they’re made from, the connective tissue would show up better. This could blend in well with melee combat, if horizon decides to grant Aloy more melee weapons, or it could just play into other long-range weapons as long as they creatively hybridize a machine’s role as an unconventional weapon.

Horizon forbidden west is now available for PS4 and PS5.

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