What Returnal’s Rumored DLC Could Look Like

Profit It turned out to be a huge success for Housemarque when it was released earlier this year. The studio’s first AAA title, the developer has managed to make the transition from an old-fashioned twin shooter to a big, full-priced game with ease. With an interesting hidden story, addictive raw gameplay, and memorable boss encounters, it’s no surprise that many people have grow up to love Profit.

While it is true that every run Profit Play it another way, as biomes on Atropos take on new forms with random rooms, players will eventually see all the game has to offer. However, for those who have fully completed Profit and still want more, a recent teaser posted by Housemarque proved to be interesting. While it’s still unclear if it will actually be a DLC reveal, there’s a lot of potential for an expansion that builds on the current experience.


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A new biome for the return


The teaser image that fans are hoping for suggestions Profit DLC seems to show a fallen statue with some water in the background. Some exotic plants can be seen in the background, although it is difficult to make out anything else. This location looks a bit different than any other area in the game, leading some players to theorize that the image is teasing a whole new biome for players to explore.

If a new biome actually appeared Profit, it could mean a new boss battle, new enemy types, and new terrain. Additional story content may also be provided, helping the player understand the game’s intentionally ambiguous narrative. With water in the background, this biome can be a go-to place for players to visit Profitsixth and last biome, Selene came out of the underwater area to find herself in a whole new place. An additional area would mean a lot of new content, and although biome theory makes the most sense, there are several other interesting possibilities for the hypothesis. Profit DLC.

Horde or Boss Rush mode to return

The boss is back!

One possible avenue where Housemarque could go down when it comes to additional content is mob mode. ProfitThe challenge rooms offer some of the toughest battles in the game, with one of the rooms in Biome 5 being particularly tough. Crowd mode can essentially provide an endless supply of these rooms, with players taking turns to see how long they can last. To make the mode stand out, Profit player can enter a new biome once each challenge room is completed, giving them completely different enemies to deal with every few minutes.

Another option will see Profitmemorable bosses of time to shine. Whether it’s Nemesis and its moving platforms or Hyperion and its haunting music, these specially designed battles are fierce and a great way to eliminate individual biomes. of the game. A boss battle can connect them, giving players who prefer one-on-one combat the option to go right from one battle to the next. A separate leaderboard can see players go up against their friends to see who can kill the rush boss the fastest or with the least amount of damage.

Regardless of what form the rumored DLC takes, it will be great to see Profitlist of titles of expand to accommodate new content. Side titles can give players a reason to come back even if they’re already Platinum, with Housemarque giving fans missions directly related to the expansion. With some hypothesis that ProfitDLC’s to be announced at The Game Awards, the answer may be near. With post-launch content likely to come in many forms, Housemarque can do a lot to make Atropos even more memorable.

Profit Now available on PS5.

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Housemarque’s Returnal is a prime example of the studio’s ability to combine tight gameplay with an exciting world.

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