What powerful character abilities have never been properly used?

Created by Gene Roddenberry in the 1960s, the universe is home to a variety of characters, locations, and even some of the greatest unsolved mysteries in science fiction history. The show has changed a lot since then The original series, with varying respects for Roddenberry’s vision for the show. But at its core, it’s still a program that focuses on people and the relationships and issues between them. Each show has a diverse and complex cast from many walks of life and their own deep backstories. For the most part, they played their roles aboard their ships to the fullest. However, there are exceptions, like consultant Deanna Troi.


Troi is one of the main crew members and part of the protagonist circle in The next generation. She appears in most episodes, either as a supporting character or as the main focus of the episode. While her presence aboard the ship is always considered important, there are some key facts about her that question how much her abilities are really being used. Troi is part human and part Betazoid, a race of humanoid aliens who have a natural affinity for telepathy. In which star trek Universe, telepathy is something that is capable of every organic life form, including humans – but some races are inherently more adept at it than others. Although only half Betazoic, Troi possesses these abilities and has a keen sense of the emotions of others.

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Aboard the USS Enterprise D, her role is the ship’s advisor. Considering her skills, this is the perfect role for her. She would make an incredible advisor and is shown to get through the show (with just a few minor hiccups). When you look at what the crew of the Enterprise does almost every day, it’s easy to forget that the ship is not a military ship; Rather, it is an exploration spaceship that sets out to explore new lands and civilizations.

Despite this rather pacifist approach, they run into many difficulties in the process, which makes the presence of a highly qualified advisor all the more important. The need for their services seems to be appreciated by the plethora of traumatized crew members – after all, a high percentage of the crew were not Starfleet officers but were in fact civilians. However, Troi doesn’t seem to spend most of her time in her offices or quarters helping these people, instead sitting next to the captain on the bridge. Troi spends about 90% of her time sitting next to Picard, waiting for an alien to come by to use her (admittedly very useful) abilities. She has no formal role on the bridge and cannot give orders or assist like the rest of the crew there. Instead, she literally sits and waits, unless of course there’s a specific Troi-related plot point or narrative going on in a specific episode.

When given the opportunity to help, her primary role is to detect or sense life forms and gauge whether or not they are hiding something. More often than not, these moments seem glaringly obvious to audiences, with a dodgy-looking, problematically stereotypical Ferengi onscreen swearing he’s telling the truth. It’s important to note that Troi can’t read minds (if she could, things could get even more awkward with Riker), but rather gets a sense of what someone is thinking and feeling, giving her a pretty accurate insight into the situation and her gut feeling.

If Troi were a full Betazoid then perhaps her abilities would have been better suited to the Bridge as she would be able to actually read the minds of those with whom she communicates or negotiates. However, she does not possess that ability, and as such, her time and actual skills would be much better suited elsewhere. This is not intended as a case for getting rid of her, banning her from the main storyline as Deanna Troi is an adorable addition to the show. But there are several other important characters who don’t just spend their time on the bridge; this is not the only place where protagonists can shine. The heroic visor-wearing engineer Geordi LaForge is credited as the main character TNG, and he spends his time where he is most useful: in technology. The same goes for dr. Crusher, the chief medical officer aboard the Enterprise who spends her time in the infirmary.

One of the reasons the writers wanted Troi to spend all of her time on the bridge is because that’s where most of the action takes place, and hence most of the filming. They wanted her to be seen and admired – partly as an incredibly dated sex symbol, but also to inject a bit of femininity into an otherwise male-dominated space.

Creating that diversity is great, but it would have been so much better if their presence there was more important. It would have been more impactful if her role on the bridge had been more active, much like Tasha Yar’s before her untimely death. From the looks of it, Deanna Troi spends most of the franchise helping Picard in only limited ways, as her otherwise vital role aboard the ship is relegated to eye candy.

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