What makes The Pain’s Attack Arc so good

Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto known for its engaging storytelling and throughout the series, fans have been treated to some of the most incredible arcs that have made Naruto famous today. In particular, after the series’ skipping period, the story focuses more on Akatsuki and this is where Kishimoto’s true strength in writing great villains shines through. While fans can watch several arcs focusing on Akatsuki, none are considered as special as Pain’s Assault.


In fact, quite a few fans consider this the culmination of the series, and it’s no surprise that it’s made it into discussions about the best anime and manga series of all time. After all, the Pain’s Assault arc was huge for Naruto Uzumaki’s character and shaped him into the person he is today. At the same time, this part highlights Kishimoto’s greatest strength as a very good writer, which only adds to a piece of a story that is extremely well written and engaging from start to finish.

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Pain, leader of Akatsuki

One of the strongest points of this part, like many other installments in Kishimoto’s story, is its villain. Usually in Naruto, fans will get a sense of the villains’ perspective and see where they come from. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they agree with the villain’s course of action but doing so certainly piqued the interest of fans and made things even more intense as it’s hard to Find out who the root is. From the first major battle fans see Haku with Gaara in the sequel, all the way to Obito Uchiha to the end of the story, most of Kishimoto’s villains usually go this route but no one does. by Pain.

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Nature, Pain is born as a result of war. Like the great shinobi villages, those who started wars for their own sake, completely annihilated those in the middle, such as Amegakure, with no regard for their well-being. With countless dead, disabled and innocent children orphaned, Pain was born through Nagato Uzumaki as a result of what the shinobi did. Pain’s philosophy is very simple and according to him, only knowing Pain is the same can people really understand each other, which is definitely an interesting way to look at things. Although Pain is a villain, his goals are very similar to Naruto’s. Like our heroes, Pain worked to break the cycle of hatred and war. He wanted a world where there was no suffering, a world where justice was served, and a world where everyone wouldn’t suffer as he did. He is the mirror image of Naruto Uzumaki, but one has taken a different path and this makes Pain arguably the greatest villain in the series. Naruto hitherto.

Naruto Uzumaki Pain Akatsuki

However, the arc isn’t just about Pain. For Naruto’s character, this arc is pivotal. In fact, it wouldn’t be too exaggerated to say that this is turning point in Naruto’s life where he grasps the state of the shinobi world and inherits a new dream. Up until this point, Naruto’s biggest goal was to become the Hokage of the village and make everyone around him recognize him. With everything that happened in Pain, Naruto, like Jiraiya, knew that there was simply too much hatred in the world. As his own character, Naruto promises to shoulder the burden of hate and bring peace to the world. Willing to understand the pain of those around him, he realizes that people need to understand each other and thus begins his goal of ending hatred in the world and bringing true peace to more than just Amegakure. but also the rest of the shinobi world.

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At the same time, Naruto Uzumaki also has tremendous power in the series. By training under Lord Fukasaku at Mount Myoboku, Naruto managed to learn Honor Sage Mode This shows him inheriting his master’s power and using it to save his village from Pain and, ultimately, bring true peace to the world. With all his might, Naruto was able to overwhelm Pain in combat, but most importantly, he became a shinobi worthy of surpassing both Jiraiya and the Fourth Hokage. Just like those two, Naruto became the savior of the village and he did things that no one else could. So the Arc’s Assault serves as a part of Naruto’s coming of age and sees him take the leap from a boy to someone willing to change the world by becoming a Child. Young of the Prophecy.

Naruto Uzumaki entrance in Pain arc

Perhaps the biggest step Naruto took in this installment was when he saved his village and to understand that, fans need to go back to Naruto’s biggest goal as a child, which was to be a kid. . Clearly, Naruto aims to become Hokage of the village but what he really wanted was the recognition that came from being Hokage. As the greatest shinobi in his village, Naruto will become respected and loved, and most importantly, he will never be alone again; something haunted him as a child.

Although Naruto didn’t become Hokage in this part, he actually accomplished his biggest goal by being hailed as the savior of Konoha. Naruto becomes a hero seen in the same light as Legendary Fourth Hokage and it is definitely nothing but worth it. For Naruto, this was a very important moment because for the first time he was surrounded by a warm love that he never received as a child. He was seen as a hero and immediately received great respect and recognition. While a Hokage certainly needs strength, if Naruto hadn’t achieved this, he wouldn’t have come close to becoming Hokage either. As Itachi once said, one does not become Hokage to be acknowledged by others but one who is acknowledged by others becomes Hokage.

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