What makes the Mark of the Demon Slayer so special?

There are many things that make Demon Slayers special when compared to the rest of humanity. NS intense training Members of the passing legion prepare them for the grueling task ahead while honing skills most never use. As with anything else, some Demon Slayers are more adept than others.

The Demon Slayer Mark is something only the strongest Demon Slayers can unlock. This rare mark does not appear often in Demon Slayer series and lore, which makes it a bit of a mystery. Only a select group of characters from the series are shown to possess it, fully displaying its unique attributes.


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How is it obtained?


There are two types of people who can unlock the Mark of the Demon Slayer; survivors with heart rates above 200 BPM as well as body temperatures above 39°C, and those associated with Sun Breath. Demon slayers who meet either of these two requirements will gain access to some incredibly powerful and useful abilities.

Under certain circumstances, Demon Slayers can also spread their mark to others, if they themselves are strong enough to receive it. Hashira is usually Only members of the legion can deal with such tension, and many current groups have attempted to achieve some form of mark in the narrative. More than half of the Hashiras were able to unlock their unique Demon Slayer Mark, demonstrating their resilience and giving the legion an incredible advantage in battle against Muzan and his forces. .

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Once the mark is unlocked, Demon Slayers can use a number of abilities to great effect, greatly assisting their efforts against demons. Breathing style users already possess incredible strength and speed, but the Mark of the Slayer greatly amplifies these powers while giving them access to superior breathing techniques. The mark also opens the use of Power of the Red Nichirin Sword, is a devastating technique that can kill even the strongest of the Twelve Kizuki through harnessing the power of the sun.

The most beneficial of these is the Transparent World ability, which even fewer Killers can unlock. By using this technique, the user can predict the opponent’s movements, giving them an advantage in the fight against particularly powerful demons. This helps to bridge the gap in speed and strength between deadly demons like Muzan and Kokushibo, and combined with other abilities granted by the mark, renders demons generally invulnerable.

Biggest limitation


As with any powerful ability, Demon Slayer Mark comes at a cost. In most cases it takes the incredible amount of time it takes to reach the mark, coupled with the strain on the body from its use that seems to put most users off life. over the age of 25 when they do. This does not seem to be the case for all involved, as there are many notable examples of people who have survived despite possessing the Mark of Demon Slayer.

Yoriichi, who was first known to be this imprinted Demon Slayer, has lived well into his 80s despite frequently using its ability. In his case, it may be because he was born with a natural proficiency with the Sun Breath, his body is not stressed to the same degree as those who have to put in more effort to take them out.

Yoriichi’s brother Kokushibo managed to break the curse by transforming into a demon. So while the trademark and its perks remain, the apparent cost of using it is nullified by his immortality. Curse inconsistencies can stem from the different ways in which the mark is acquired. People born with the sign seem to have a higher tolerance for the stress exerted on their bodies while those who get it later in life are more likely to die from it. the fatigue it brings.

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