What makes Mob different from Saitama

ONE of One-Punch Man has enjoyed great success since self-publishing manga first began serialization in 2009. The series will be remade in 2012, serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump with illustrations by eye protection 21 mangaka Yusuke Murata. In spite of One-Punch Man is ONE’s most popular series, Mob Psycho 100 It’s also funny to deal with completely different backgrounds and characters.

Both series follow a similar blueprint; revolves around humble, overpowered prospects whose amazing power is unleashed to cause laughter. But that doesn’t mean that both main characters are completely identical. In fact, there are many things that separate Saitama and Mob. Beyond tameness aside, the two are written very differently in their respective series.


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A typical protagonist


Mob and Saitama share a number of characteristics that represent ONE’s writing style, namely the way both possess the same power as God compared to their peers and competitors. The Mob’s incredible psychic abilities and the way he easily handles seemingly powerful enemies are demonstrated in much the same way as Saitama, with both characters acting as a comedic foil to events. Serious events happen around them.

Like Saitama, Mob doesn’t seem to stand out as much as a typical protagonist when not in combat. His simple design gives the impression that he is rather unremarkable and that he lacks the presence of characters like Ritsu, Reigen, and Sho. When Mob Psycho 100’s Character design is often a bit more grounded than the compelling heroes and villains in One-Punch Man, Dynamic is prominent in both series.

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The basic premise of One-Punch Man and Mob Psycho 100 are basically the same. Worlds, abilities, characters and Engine may be different, but both stories focus on humble outsiders caught up in the story rather than influencing it. ONE uses these listless leads as a contrast to the incredible world around them, thereby becoming the bizarre comedy both series are famous for.

What makes Mob . unique?


Mob and Saitama may look alike, and play similar roles in their respective series, but both are very different people. The similarities between the two activities aside, Mob Psycho 100 stand out more than just one One-Punch Man cloned by Mob’s hugely different character throughout the series. While he is just as powerful as Saitama, the way Mobs handle and approach his abilities is much different.

Saitama is rather reserved, but aloof in everyday life than Mob. The young esper is very meek and socially awkward, showing great insecurity in the face of strangers in everyday situations. While lesser espers are shown to be much more confident in their abilities, Mob is so separate from that part of himself that he remains unshaken by his special powers. me. Rather than simply exploiting his natural talent, Mob instead wants to improve himself by acknowledging his shortcomings and working on them.

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Reigen, Ritsu, Body Improvement Club and many others contribute to the development of Mob throughout the series. Many supporting characters are attracted to Mob not because of his incredible strength – although that sometimes plays a part – but instead because of his kind personality and hard-working nature. ta. It is the various bonds that Mob creates and develops throughout his journey that allow him to grow as a human while at the same time reaching his full potential as a family esper. .

Although fans can point out some similarities between One-Punch Man, Mob Psycho 100, and their main characters, there’s finally a good deal separating the two. ONE took the basics of its first work and changed the dynamics of the series by focusing on the main character is shy, but special with plenty of room to grow. While Mob may not have the comedic presence and effect Saitama has to offer, he’s a great character to take root and watch grow through along his journey.

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