What makes Jolyne such an interesting protagonist

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure existed for a very long time. It has become one of the most read manga series of all time, and the quality of the series is undeniable. Manga started publishing in 1987 and it continues to go strong. Unlike most manga series, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure divided into several parts.

These installments allow Araki to experiment with his ideas and provide a richer fan experience. Each installment of the series has a unique story and cast. Araki also changes the main character of each season, which is another thing he does differently from the rest of the authors. Recently, intro for Pebbles Ocean reduce, which spooked fans, as it meant they’d get a chance to see Jolyne Cujoh. But what makes her such a unique character?


WARNING: Main filter Part 6

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Jolyne Cujoh in the anime Stone Ocean

Jolyne in the lead throughout Stone Ocean. She is the daughter of Jotaro Kujo and an unnamed woman. During her childhood, Jolyne lived only with her mother because Jotaro was too busy with his research work. Without a father figure to guide her, Jolyne eventually grew even more resentful of her father. It was difficult for her to live with only her mother. She became rebellious and a true thug.

This shaped Jolyne as a person. She did all sorts of mischief just to get her father’s attention, and after a series of unfortunate incidents, she ended up in prison. This has left Jolyne in a difficult situation and a lot of sadness and bitterness in her heart. Her hatred grew to the point that she changed the spelling of “Kujo” to “Cujoh.”

Jolyne and Ermes fight together

When Jolyne was in prison, it changed her in many ways. She can make suitable friends, such as Ermes, Emporio, Foo Fighters, and Weather Report. All supporting characters who helped Jolyne to understand more about life and they have also rescued her many times.

However, the most important event that takes place inside the prison is her reunion with Jotaro. She is obviously very angry with him, but after Jotaro tries to free Jolyne, she finds in her heart to forgive him. After all, Jotaro risked his life to save her and ended up losing the Stand and memory disk in the process. As the story progresses, Jolyne gradually idolizes her father more and more.

Towards the end of the series, when Jotaro et al. was fighting Enrico Pucci, Jotaro had the opportunity to kill Pucci. However, doing so meant Jolyne’s own death, and in that instant Jotaro made up his mind and he saved Jolyne. Her character development from someone who hates her father to someone who is trustworthy and understanding is pretty amazing. She even took Jotaro’s “Yare yare daze” and turned it into “Yare yare dawa,” the feminine version.

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Jolyne uses Stone Free to attack

Jolyne awakens her Stand when her thumb is pierced by a fragment of the Stand’s arrow. This incident allows her to awaken the Stone Free. Stone Free is a powerful close-range stand that can deal massive damage to opponents. In addition to amazing physical strength, Stand also allows Jolyne to turn parts of her body into strings. She can increase her attack range by unraveling parts of her body. Jolyne’s Stone Free is comparable to Star Platinum (one of the most powerful stands in the series) in terms of power and speed. Stone Free has an A rating for Growth Potential, so with adequate training Jolyne could become one of the strongest characters in the entire series.

Jolyne expertly combines her Stand power with her intelligence. While she doesn’t always show it, Jolyne is an extremely intelligent person. In the whole Rocky ocean saga, she managed to get out of many difficult situations with her wits and was willing to take any risks to get the job done. When up against Pucci, Jolyne’s standing allows her to counter C-Moon’s abilities, another impressive feat.

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Jolyne Cujoh uses the theme of Stone Free

Jolyne’s character is unique and it’s different from other characters JoJo protagonist in many ways. Jolyne is a very determined person, always pushing herself to the extreme. Once she puts her mind to something, Jolyne will get it done no matter what. Unlike Josuke and Jonathan, Jolyne has no hesitation in killing someone. She holds a grudge against anyone who has ever treated her badly, and she will repay an injury in a much more serious way.

Like all Joestars, Jolyne is very protective of her friends and family members. In some cases in Pebbles OceanJolyne actually risked her life and hands to save her friends. Towards the end of Pebbles Ocean, she easily becomes one of the strongest characters. She’s definitely a unique character and according to Araki, Jolyne is his attempt at creating a proper female protagonist. One of Araki’s editors asked him to change Jolyne’s gender to male, but Araki was adamant about making Jolyne a female character. To be fair, Araki’s efforts paid off and he became one of the best female protagonists in anime.

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