What makes a good Hokage?

Since the beginning Naruto series, since the Hokage has been taken very seriously, and rightfully so. Simply put, Hokage is the title given to the head of Konoha and who is generally considered the strongest of the village. Naruto’s entire character arc focuses on how he wants to gain the recognition of the villagers, who contributed to his decision to defy all odds and become Hokage.

So, attained the position of Hokage was created to be one of the biggest aspects of the Naruto Uzumaki story. Over the years, the story introduces several Hokage, starting with the First and continuing on with the Seven. While one would expect the same things from every Hokage, the reality is that each of them has strengths and weaknesses. Hokage isn’t a mistake and it doesn’t just take strength to assume the greatest position in the world Naruto world.


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Hashirama senju

When Konoha was founded, Hashirama Senju was immediately chosen as the First Hokage and thus began a system that would soon be adopted by the rest of the shinobi villages. Hashirama has been in this position for quite some time and he has done everything he can to maintain peace in the world but sadly his role is just to lay the groundwork for the world of shinobi as what fans graves known to this day.

After his death in the First Great Ninja War, he was succeeded by the pragmatic Tobirama Senju. What makes Tobirama a suitable candidate is his creative mind, which he uses to take what Hashirama gives him and make it better. The Academy, the Chunin Exams, and even the ANBU are some of his biggest contributions to the village.

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Hiruzen finds a balance between his two mentors and his incredible intellect has earned him the nickname “Professor.” He served for many years and assisted the village during the two Shinobi World Wars, before appointing the legendary Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze. While Minato ruled for good, his greatest act was sacrificing his life for the village, and many years later, the Fifth Hokage restored order again. Leading the village into the Fourth Great Ninja War and putting his life on the line numerous times, Tsunade Senju inherited everything good from the previous Kage but lacked it. the strength needed to fight Akatsuki.

Obviously, being a good Hokage is a very complicated business, and even the previous Hokages of Konoha lacked something that would solidify their legacy as the perfect Hokage. From a lack of strength in some cases, to a lack of longevity to not showing the compassion that the position requires, being the right Hokage is certainly no easy feat.

Hiruzen - Naruto's Underrated Characters

There’s no denying that strength plays a huge role when it comes to choosing the right person to be the village’s Hokage, and this has been emphasized from the very beginning of the story. Hashirama Senju, the First Hokage, achieved this position in part because he was a strong leader and Tobirama followed him because he was a worthy successor and a skilled leader as well. However, being a good Hokage is more than just becoming strong.

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From the different Hokage fans have seen in the series, Hashirama Senju clearly shows what a Hokage should be at its best. The First Hokage has the right temperament when it comes to taking the position and establishing what a true Hokage should be. He founded Konoha with Madara Uchiha and laid the foundation for what a Hokage was to do. This means protecting his people with his life and even killing his best friend for the sake of the people of his village. To save his life, Hashirama even pleaded at the Five Kage Summit. All these qualities just show what an incredible leader he really is.

However, Konoha did its fair share of the Hokage, who did not live up to Hashirama Senju’s standards. For example, Tobirama turned out to be a mixed bag. It’s undeniable that his innovative mind is one of the many reasons why the shinobi village is so successful today, he has also caused a lot of harm, especially with his distrust of the Uchiha clan. His dealings with the Uchiha in the past did not allow him to see them in a different light and his careful planning to remove them from power eventually led to the Uchiha Clan Massacre.

Hiruzen Sarutobi, Konoha’s longest serving Hokage, is an incredible leader and unlike Tobirama, he’s not nearly as harsh on the Uchiha. However, the fact that Hiruzen left people like Danzo free and ignored everything for a long time also led to disastrous mistakes.

naruto hokage

However, Hiruzen inherited something from Hashirama Senju that was considered the key to becoming the right Hokage in the Will of Fire. People like Hashirama and Hiruzen believe that love is the key to peace, that’s why they consider the whole village as their family. The will of fire symbolizes that the hopes and dreams of one generation are passed on to the next generation and in doing so, place the foremost importance on the “King”, i.e. the next generation.

Therefore, what makes a good Hokage is finding a balance between the harshness of Tobirama Senju and the softness of Hiruzen Sarutobi, while believing in the principles of the Will of Fire as laid down by Hashirama Senju. The Hokage is strong but more importantly, knows what’s good for the people of the village and puts his own life first trying to protect the peace that his predecessors shed blood for. Fortunately, The Seventh Hokage of Konoha, Naruto Uzumaki is an incredible leader who has powerfully inherited Hiruzen’s Fire Will and it can be said that the village is in the safest hands possible with his leadership.

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