What is Theta Network and TFUEL?

Previously, the project was called Silver.tv, and it was founded in 2015. The platform felt good, was well funded, and subsequently, video streaming was launched. The closed ICO Theta took place in 2017. In 2017, the Theta blockchain platform was integrated into Silver.tv.

The Theta Network project team includes professionals with over 30 years of experience in the field of streaming, as well as prominent specialists in the field of blockchain, digital assets, etc. In the topic below you can get acquainted with the leading specialists of the project.

What is the Theta Network platform

Theta Network is a video streaming platform powered by peer-to-peer blockchain technology. Theta blockchain allows you to cope with large video stream loads without any delays. The network handles huge influx of visitors and provides quality and lots of live viewers (peer-to-peer). These users are the nodes of the decentralized Theta Network. For these purposes, a token was issued under the name THETA.

What the Theta project provides:

  • Theta Nenwork encourages users to create high quality videos;
  • Theta is getting rid of all the middlemen who charge a lot for posting video material on their platforms.
  • Theta Network helps to establish mutual settlements between users who create videos and advertisers.

How the Theta platform works:

  1. The creator of the video content who uploaded it to the platform can apply various settings to view it;
  2. Users who view video materials on the Theta platform, for which they share the unused power of their computer
  3. Users who support the Theta Network are rewarded with THETA Tokens.

Mining on the THETA platform

In order to mine THETA coin, you need to go to the Silver.tv website, have a powerful computer available and learn how to stream video material.

You need to be fluent in English to understand all the nuances of accruing the THETA token for video content, there are no streams in Russian yet.


The project has come a long way since the launch of the Theta streaming platform in 2016. THETA is currently running on the SLIVER.tv platform and there are no major problems with the blockchain, so the team is working to expand partnerships and reach the Theta network.

The demand for video streaming in the 21st century is huge, and at the same time, it is constantly growing and the Theta Token team strives to make their platform the best blockchain solution for streaming. It remains to be seen if they will succeed, but the team is very talented and experienced with a clear vision. They also had a very good start compared to some other similar projects.

Now that the network is launched, the developers plan to implement exciting new features, including the ability to distribute mining rewards among multiple users, as well as measures to combat piracy.

It is also planned to create a common service platform that goes beyond simple streaming, supporting services such as streaming smart contracts. The team is also exploring the possibility of integrating the Theta platform into smart TVs, which could theoretically give Theta hundreds of millions of new users.

Despite the recent decline in the THETA price, the cryptocurrency is ranked 66th on Coinmarketcap.com’s ranking, while TFUEL token is in 277th position. btc to theta can be exchanged also. Now, after the launch of the “guardian nodes” on the testnet, the token is worth watching, as there may be a price jump similar to the one that occurred when the Mainnet was launched.

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