What is the difference between spiritual and physical death in Middle-earth?

Throughout the history of Middle-earth, there have been many deaths, from the great battles that took place, to the brutal murders at the hands of evil enemies, to the people who passed by daily in their sleep. surname. But there seem to be two different types of death in Tolkien’s writings, and that is the death of the body and the death of the soul or soul that inhabits it. So what is the difference?

Some of the most notable examples of physical death include the death of Boromir, of Gondor, a member of the association of the ring. After the captain attempts to retrieve the ring from Frodo, and Frodo flees with the help of the ring’s invisible power, the remaining companions are surrounded by a band of Orcs Uruk-two.


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The leader of the gang shot Boromir in the chest three times as the soldier tried to protect Merry and Pippin were kidnapped by the Orcs. Aragorn rushes in and engages Lurtz, during the battle, Uruk-hai licks a dagger covered in his blood and throws it at Aragorn. The character manages to deflect the blade, it’s a the moment there is no description which they decided to keep for the last edit of the movie. Once Aragorn had defeated his enemies, he sat with Boromir as he departed the world, saying that he would follow Aragorn as his true king until the end. The two men of Gondor are said to be of modern times reincarnation of the kings of Argonath, who met similar fates of tragedy and glory.


Likewise, King Theoden of Rohan also died physically, and his body died, to rest in the mound of his ancestors. His son Theodred, also laid to rest there, and Theoden was relieved that they would be reunited when he died on the battlefield. Eowyn and Eomer, his niece and nephew, were left to grieve for him, after both fought bravely in the war, with Eomer leads the Rohirrim and Eowyn defeating the Sorcerer King, which leads to her being sent to healing houses, where she is treated using ancient Herbal remedy of the Flower of Athelas, of Aragorn, and where she met Faramir, whom she later fell in love with and married. The army of the Dead is also a good example, for their bodies are long gone, but their souls cannot continue until they have fulfilled their oath to Isildur many years ago.

Theoden and Eowyn

Then there is another type of death, in which the physical body appears to be destroyed or frozen, but the spirit seems to exist and can return. A good illustration of this is the ‘death’ of Gandalf the Grey, who was engulfed in darkness and fire with Balrog in Moria. Goblin laments him, and fellowship mourns him, and Galadriel can no longer see him, which indicates that he is indeed deceased. However, when Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas to the forest of Fangorn In pursuit of Merry and Pippin, they encounter a white witch who at first they think is their enemy, Saruman. However, Gandalf revealed himself in his new form as ‘Gandalf the White.’ He explained that after his death he was sent back to Middle-earth, as he still had a part to play in the quest, which proves true as he is such an important character in the series. Remains of War of the Ring.

A similar, but much more sinister version of this spiritual death is that of the evil Lord Sauron himself. When the ring was cut from his finger by Isildur, his physical body was also damaged, but his spirit was still able to survive. The Last Alliance believes he is dead, but his essence may hide back into Mordor, where it smolders and recovers until he is strong enough to wage another war. While a ring survives, he can never be truly destroyed.

Isildur and a Ring

Where the elves journeying to the Immortal Lands stand on this scale is uncertain. Apparently they left the world in gray ships, when one of the ships finally sailed for Frodo and Bilbo. Their physical bodies leave the world, with beautiful Into the West music playing in the background, but what happens to the bodies is never particularly explained. However, it is suggested that spirits or ‘dead’ spirits live in some way in blessed lands. This is why Elrond wanted Arwen to go, so she can be reunited with her mother, who has come to rest in the last place of his people.

Perhaps this symbolic paradise, the hope that the soul lives on even after the body dies, is because of Tolkien’s religious beliefs, or perhaps it is because he lost a few of his friends in World War I. most, and hope that their vitality has found peace. somewhere but death.

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