What is The Crebain of Dunland, The Flying Spies Of Saruman?

To understand what the creatures known as the ‘Crebain of Dunland’ were, knowledge of Dunland itself and its proximity to the other kingdoms of Middle-earth was essential. ‘Dunland’ means ‘dark land,’ and is where from the Wild men, who ransacked Rohan, came. It is so called due to its black hair and features of its inhabitants.

Dunland lies right next to the land of Rohan, and there have long been misunderstandings and conflicts between the peoples of the two lands after a long-time ruler of Dunland attempted to give his son to the princess of the two lands. Rohan. When the request was denied, war broke out between the two kingdoms, and the peoples have been at odds ever since. This is why Saruman was able to easily convince the wildlings to join his side and fight against the Rohirrim.


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Crebain is a black-feathered bird that inhabits the wilds of Dunland, and historically, also in Fangorn Forest. They are one of the only living creatures in the cursed forest. The name Crebain comes from the Sindarian word ‘craban’, which means ‘crow’. These creatures have long been with Saruman, in his days he used to walk through the woods around Isengard, and converse with the creatures in peace.

Mount Saruman

When Saurman was corrupted by Sauron’s influence, and pledged allegiance to him, he was thus able to convince the Crebain to spy for him, looking for hybrids he knew were possessing. possess the Ring. There are many different Hobbits, however, and he is unaware that Frodo is specifically the one to bear the burden. He then ordered both crows and orcs to watch out for the hobbits, which led to Merry and Pippin becoming captured by Uruk-hai.

Audiences first saw Crebain of Dunland in Peter Jackson’s 2001 film adaptation, when the cadets were gunfighting and practicing fencing before they walked in. Mines Moria. Merry and Pippin are fighting Boromir, who is teaching them self-defense, while the other members of the guild discuss their path, and Bill the Pony stands guard for any possible threats. Suddenly, Legolas caught sight of an approaching black mass that looked like a large cloud moving rapidly with the wind. NS The description of the elves varies from book to movie, but one thing they both agree on is the goblin race’s unusual eyesight and walking ability. Legolas was thus able to identify the creatures as Saruman’s spies, and the team promptly fled into hiding.

The scene then follows the Crebains as they fly back to Saruman to report their findings. Interestingly, the 1-minute scene in which they fly over the Isengard smithy and see the trees fall into the sea of ​​fire, and the Orcs crafting weapons for their armies to use, was filmed entirely in form. shrink. Many miniature sets were built for the filming of The Lord of the Rings, including some iconic scenes like Rivendell and Lorien. The miniature is built to extreme detail, with ladders, machines, lights pre-assembled to look like fire, and textured walls that simulate boulders and boulders in every crevice, so that it can withstand filming at close range. A camera was then placed all over the miniature, capturing every detail, and Crebain was digitally placed over the footage at the Weta Workshop.

After flying through the smithy and reaching Saruman, they informed him of the friend’s whereabouts and possible routes they could take. How they informed him is unknown, as it has not been suggested that they spoke in common language, or had any linguistic means other than the humming of birds, however, Order of Wizards known for their ability to communicate with all creatures throughout Middle-earth. This is how Saruman knows to make the mountain road so dangerous that they cannot cross it. They left the choice to Frodo, who felt that they had no choice but to follow the path under the mountains and into the mines. The involvement of the Crebains of Dunland was the ultimate cause of Gandalf’s death, breaking the fellowship, and Frodo and Sam went their separate ways through Mordor.

However, many Lord of the Rings fans would argue that the Crebain of Dunland, who can traverse vast distances in the blink of an eye, infiltrate the tallest tower or the smallest building, and communicate using an unknown language with the leader commanding them, is not used enough. Probably TV series The Lord of the Rings Amazon will delve deeper into the Crebains and their origins, and how their power can best be harnessed by the dark lord trying to stay in power.

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The source: Lord of the Rings books by JRR Tolkien

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