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Of the two great fishing spots worth the game, the best one for you depends on whether you have enough 68 FIshing.

The two points are:

  • Fishing Guild (best, 68 Fishing required)
  • West of Land’s End (best location with no requirements)

Fishing with a big net is not something that many players have to do, or even touch during their journey for Fishing 99. That is because while fishing with a large net, in addition to mackerel, cod and sea bass, you can also catch a variety of “sundry” items such as leather boots and gloves.

This effectively destroys any potential experience gains and the ability to “target” a specific fish without filling your inventory with trash.

If you’ve ever noticed someone fishing with a big net, they’re probably chasing the rare 1/1000 “Big Bass”, trying to complete their collection diary.

Point 1: Fishing Guild

Staring at the Fishing Society / OSRS
Staring at the Fishing Guild.

The Fishing Club is a place that comes up quite often when it comes to “best places to fish something”.

But why is that?

That’s because when in the guild’s premises, all players get +7 gain their fishing skills, making catching certain fish species substantially better.

Banks are also instantly available, so you can store all your fish easily!

Unfortunately, accessing the Fishing Guild requires 68 Fishing, which is quite far from when you unlock Big Net Fishing.

Tip: You can use +5 boosts such as Admiral Pie, to enter the guild while only 63 Fishing!

Point 2: West of Land’s End

Fishing at Land's End / OSRS
Fishing at Land’s End.

The only place worth mentioning is the small west coast of the scenic village known as the Land’s end.

Unlike the Fishing Guild, this place has absolutely no requirementsand is the closest to a bank that meets these conditions.

There are several different routes one can take to get to Land’s End, with the fastest routes being:

  1. Cruise from Sarim Port or Port of Piscarilius
  2. Teleport to Kourend Woodland with Rada’s Blessing and run south
  3. Teleport to Xeric’s Lookout using Xeric’s Talisman, then run southwest

If you enjoy your time here you will find a combination of different spots you can fish there, after you level up several times.

Big fishing tips and tricks

Whether you are using big net, small net or no net, take a moment to go through the following tips that are sure to help you become a master angler:

  • Angler’s Outfit can be worn to gain experience while fishing, with full outfit giving a 2.5% fixed bonus.
  • The Fish Tank from the Tempoross boss can act as a “second storage”, as it can be used to hold a total of 28 additional fish before banking.
  • Fishing +3 can be temporarily increased by occasionally using Dragon Harpoon’s special attack.
  • Rada’s Blessing can be obtained by completing Kourend and Kebos’s achievement log. Equipping it has a chance to double any fish you catch (ranging from 2% for easy log, to 8% for upper class).
Player performs Dragon Harpoon/OSRS special attack
The player performs Dragon Harpoon’s special attack.

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