What is Apex Legends Flashpoint LTM?

Respawn Entertainment’s free-to-play hero shooter is known for its anytime, anywhere revolving game modes that bring new experiences and challenges to its community, and Apex Legends Flashpoint LTM (Limited Time Mode) is one of them.

With the mode returning during the Unshackled Event, which runs from April 19, 2022 to May 3, 2022 and is a popular enough mode to return next season, let’s take a look at a few. Some features of Flashpoint LTM especially for those who have not experienced it.

What are the gameplay changes in Apex Legends Flashpoint LTM?

Flashpoint LTM first appeared during the Season 6 Aftermarket Collector Event, which runs from October 6, 2020 to October 20, 2020. Although it’s still unclear if the mode will be changed in any way. any way (apart from the map) in Unbound Events, here’s some info based on the first occurrence of the mode.

In Flashpoint ATM, healing items do not appear, making moving around the map quite precarious. To heal, you need to enter the blue sphere fields scattered around the map called flash points, which quickly restore your health and shield over time. As such, you can expect many players to pick certain Legends like Lifeline, Octane, and Wattson, who have certain abilities that can restore health and/or shields outside of these flash points. .

The closed circle in Flashpoint LTM is standard, continuously smaller and smaller but always centered on a single flash point at the end. As you can imagine, this can force a pretty hectic battle in the final minutes of the match as all players will have health and shields heal.

That said, you’ll still be able to craft Phoenix Kits at Replicators for quick health and shield regeneration, and also place Mobile Rework Symbols as all Normal Rework Symbols are also removed from map in this mode.

While Flashpoint LTM was introduced on the Kings Canyon map during the Aftermarket Event, this time the mode will be played on the Olympus map during the Unbound Event. When the Aftermarket Event awards badges for beating certain challenges, such as winning certain Flashpoint games, you can expect to earn more Flashpoint-specific badges during the Event. The event is not tagged.

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