What happened to Goku’s Electric Pole?

Many changes have occurred in Dragon ball over the years has influenced the dynamics between the characters and the world around them. With each new sign comes a different challenge to overcome, push old favorites out of relevance and move them to a more passive role in the story. The same can be said of some of the items that were once prominent in anime and manga.

The Power Pole was Goku’s iconic weapon in the early days Dragon ball series. The magic wand given to him by his grandfather Gohan is a versatile tool that helps Goku in his adventures as well as in battle. But as the series moved into massive battles and super transformations, Power Pole was phased out like so many other fan favorites before it.


Its various uses


The Power Pole is mainly used as a weapon by Goku during his early adventures. Its ability to expand and resize to the astonishing lengths of a magical staff has made it a versatile tool in fights for the younger, smaller Goku. This is especially true against the Red Ribbon Legion and the Tao Mercenary, as the Power Pole is strong enough to break the latter’s sword in half.

Although primarily used in combat, the Power Pole is not designed for combat. Although Goku used it frequently in his younger days, he wouldn’t discover its true purpose until he reached the Tower of Korin.

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The Power Pole originally belonged to Korin and was at one point given to Master Roshi, who would pass it on to his grandfather Gohan. Its amazing resizing ability is used as a means of transportation from the Korin Tower to the Observation Deck, with the column connecting the top of the Korin Tower and to the base of the Observation Deck.

From there, the user would climb the Electric Pole above the clouds until they finally reached the Heavenly Yard. Since it can extend to the moon at a time, the Power Pole can be used to traverse many long distances, not just the distance between Korin’s Tower and The Lookout. But like many other original elements of the series, demand for this mystical device gradually wanes as the story progresses.

Why was the electrode removed?


Many aspects of the early period Dragon ball the series was removed or changed as it progressed. Just as certain characters become less prominent, certain subjects also lose their narrative significance. At some point in the story, Toriyama really can’t be justified using the Power Pole in the same way that flying has gradually made the Nimbus obsolete.

With each arc introducing newer, stronger characters, the Power Pole was quickly phased out in favor of more hand-to-hand combat. Goku’s growth and bridging the size gap between him and his rivals also makes him less likely to need the staff to work things out. Although Goku will be seen using and even using it at the end of the original Dragon ball, it was quickly folded after the Saiyans changed the series’ moves for the good.

The electrode is still a memorable part of Dragon ball History despite its years-long lack of relevance in the story. Similar to other legacy items such as Dragon Radar and Flying Nimbus, the Power Pole embodies the mysticism and spirit of adventure for which the original series was known, and although it has no place in the current story. , but will always be fondly remembered by fans.

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