What fans need to know from Union X in the future

While many RPG franchises fill themselves with lore, not many titles come to the same level as Heart Kingdom. Almost every installment in the series adds to its overall story in some way, including Mobile game is now offline Kingdom Hearts Union. While it remains questionable how much of an impact a game with a player protagonist could have on Sora’s story, Union X finally left an important mark.

Union X is anything but short. Although the stories in the RPG series are often lengthy, Union X There are specifically 979 story missions at the end of the game. Between this length and the portable nature of the game, many fans probably won’t finish it. Heart Kingdom have been relied on Union X as an important part of its lore since KH3, and the game offers poignant harbingers of a sequel to the series.


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Kingdom Hearts: The Story of the Keyblade War

Kingdom Heart Alliance X Cross Keyblade War is over

A lot of Heart Kingdom Fans should be familiar with Keyblade war. Union X Dive into what led up to the war and reveal it’s set to end the war between light and darkness once and for all. Darkness itself was once said to be almost human, splitting itself into pieces and losing its will and humanity when it became the Heartless that many fans are more familiar with.

To stop the shadow shards, Master of masters assigned six apprentice roles, secretly knowing that the roles would make them suspicious of each other and stubborn in their ways, leaving them vulnerable to the dark – but not so unscrupulous – attacks. The Keyblade War serves to attract darkness, trap it, and destroy it. However, the darkness solved this problem and saved itself through the Master of Master’s own backup plan.

The True Story of Union X

union x cross brain explains the problem of dawn town

Foreteller Ava’s role is to create the Dandelion, a group of special Keyblade users who will continue to live in the Data World and recreate other worlds with Lux, or light, they have gathered. everywhere playing Kingdom Hearts Union. This digital world will be led by new Alliance leaders chosen by the Master of Masters: Ephemer, Skuld, Brain, Lauriam and Strelitzia. These Alliance leaders become recurring characters throughout the series.

However, Strelitzia was taken out by the darkness as a way to escape into the Data World to protect the light. Shadow possesses another Keyblade user, Ventus, so he can function as a Trojan Horse. This ends up revealing that Ventus is in possession of a heart of pure light, and that he has absorbed the darkness forever as part of himself in order to save his friends. This darkness will later reform into Vanitas are from Born with sleep.

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Union X leads to the future of Kingdom Hearts

unnamed star kairi

Lauriam, Strelitzia’s brother, ends up investigating her death with the help of another Dandelion, Elrena. The leaders of the Alliance discovered that they had been deceived by Foretellers about the true nature of the Data World and that an Intrusive Maleficent has activated the emergency self-destruct feature. The brain works to make sure they all get out safely.

All Alliance heads make it through safely, but other Keyblade users – such as player characters – are not so lucky. The Dandelions that don’t come out of the Data World are put to sleep like the Dream Eaters, implying identical people Sora met at Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. The player’s character in particular decides to stay, renovating into a new heart. Dreams that Xehanort had as a child Dark road implied Union X the player becomes the ultimate Xehanort.

Use with Lifeboat from Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory to escape into different time periods, Ephemer escaped to build Scala Ad Caelum above the ruins of Daybreak Town; his spirit as an Alliance leader helps Sora at the Keyblade Graveyard in Kingdom Hearts 3. Lauriam and Elrena appear in different Disney worlds, but the two meet again as mortals. Marluxia and Larxene in the 13 . Organization after that. Ventus is found at the Keyblade Graveyard, unconscious after absorbing the Darkness, and is apprenticed to Xehanort.

Last Strelitzia found in The Last World in Melodies of memory, gives a very important hint to Kairi and Riku. Sora is most likely in some kind of “fictional” world, one that is beyond human comprehension, as described by the Master of Masters. In one of the the final cutscene for Union X, the Master tells the darkness a solution to their feud can only be found in a world where light and darkness cannot reach, with the implication that it could be the Quadratum.

Kingdom Hearts Union available as an offline game on Android and iOS devices.

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