What Ed Sheeran and Pokemon GO Collaboration Could Be

When you think about Pokemon GO, Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran is probably not the first to come to mind. No one expected to see the musician and mobile game have a business relationship until Sheeran surprised fans by teasing that he was actually working on a mysterious collaboration with Pokemon GO.

The announcement, which only showed the logo and the words “coming soon,” automatically raised many eyebrows because the pairing seemed so random. Absolutely no information has been revealed about what the collaboration is exactly, but it really isn’t as random as one might think. There are many possibilities and only time will tell Pokemon GO and Ed Sheeran are planning together.


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Ed Sheeran is a Pokemon fan

ed sheeran snorlax

At first glance, Ed Sheeran collaborates with Pokemon seems like the most unlikely couple in the world. However, many fans may not realize that Sheeran is actually a pretty big person Pokemon fan. In May, he posted a snap of himself sitting next to a plush giant Snorlax with the caption, “Snorlax knows what’s going on.”

In addition to posting Snorlax, Sheeran also tweeted about black pokemon, described the game as “evil” and commented on how Articuno is his favorite Pokemon. In an older interview, he also mentioned “Legendary Dogs”, Raikou, Entei and Suicune. Does he actively play? Pokemon GO Or anything else Pokemon games, it’s clear that he has a fondness for the franchise and at least knows a little about it. Sheeran likes to use nostalgia in his music, and this collaboration could be another nostalgic nod to his past.

What Ed Sheeran Collaboration Could Look Like

ed sheeran pokemon go

So what exactly can Ed Sheeran bring? Pokemon GO? He released a new album just a few weeks ago, so the collaboration could include some music and artwork from there. There are some upbeat songs that can help Pokemon The battle soundtrack and butterfly splash album artwork could be a good opportunity for some new character customization. Pokemon GO have done this type of collaboration before.

This early year, The North Face and Gucci showcase some of their pieces as clothing options in Pokemon GO can be found at around 100 PokeStop locations around the world. The magic of this idea is that 100 locations is a relatively small number worldwide, so the items are considered rare and desirable. Many PokeStops also correlate with real-life pop-up shops, where players can shop for real-life items. It makes sense from a business point of view and is very interesting for players who want to promote Pokemon GO Fashion game to the next level with designer flair.

However, Ed Sheeran is a musician, not a retail company. He does not have stores scattered across the globe to sell goods. He may have a few pop-ups now and then to compliment tours, but Ed Sheeran’s product is his music, not his clothes. However, concert merchandise or rare items that can only be obtained through specific PokeStops would be a nice way to seamlessly integrate some fun themed content. Collaborations can also manifest in the form of special gym events, augmented reality filters, or even costumed monsters. Pokemon GO no stranger to limited time special events, and the Ed Sheeran crossover could certainly be one of them.

Pokemon has collaborated with musicians before

Pokemon V cards featuring Post Malone, Katy Perry, and J Balvin

When Pokemon GO Especially having never collaborated with musicians before, this is not the first time The Pokemon Company has collaborated with famous artists. Most notably, for Pokemon’s Celebrating 25 years, The Pokemon Company partnered with Katy Perry, Post Malone and J Balvin on a special Pokemon– themed albums.

This partnership was a huge hit and resulted in Pokemon appearing in videos with individual musicians. The Pokemon Company also released mock-ups of the three singers above Pokemon TCG card. On card, Katy Perry co-stars with Pikachu, her favorite Pokemon, while J Balvin is depicted with Charizard, and Post Malone is hanging out with both Butterfree and Dragonite. The cards will never actually go into production, to the chagrin of many fans, but the artwork is stunning.

Although it is unlikely that Ed Sheeran will release a special Pokemon– themed music show Pokemon GO, it’s not out of the realm of possibility. Collaborations can look similar to 25th Anniversary collaborations. There is no timeline for when Ed Sheeran and Pokemon GO The partnership will work, but there are clearly a lot of different directions that could be explored.

Pokemon GO available on mobile devices.

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