What does your favorite Abbott Elementary teacher say about you?

It’s nearly impossible to pick a favorite character from Abbott Elementary SchoolColorful and eclectic cast. The comedy is set at a Philadelphia elementary school and follows a colorful group of teachers who are trying their best to help their students succeed amid a low budget and a potentially less caring school district. . These teachers are special and special – but they all feel as though they can pull away from our own school memories.

if you Yes to pick a favorite, however, it will likely reflect your favorite teacher at school – and that says a lot about how you approach your own school days. Behold, a very accurate and scientifically tested personality assessment will reveal secrets about your past and perhaps hints about your future… based on that Abbott Elementary teacher you are. Favourite.

Janine Teagues

janine in front of a whiteboard. she wears a yellow shirt and is teaching the kids slang words like hoagie

Image: ABC / Gilles Mingasson

Played by series creator Quinta Brunson, Janine is a young girl with high hopes and dreams for her journey to becoming a teacher. If Janine is your favorite, you are 100% the teacher’s pet. Not that you were particularly good at school, but you did maintain relationships with your favorite teachers. You are a kid who comes to class early and remembers things about your teacher’s personal life. You had lunch with them and took the break to pester them. You did all the assignments for extra credit and show your hand, even if you don’t really know the answer. You strive to get good grades, but less because you enjoy learning and more because you want to get positive feedback from the adults in your life. Because of this, you also have trouble making friends with your colleagues and don’t have many friends. But that’s okay, because you have to eat lunch in the teacher’s room! It’s great, isn’t it? Let’s just say that’s great.

Melissa Schemmenti

melissa from elementary school abbott looked annoyed. she has long red hair and wears leopard skin

Image: ABC

Melissa, played by Lisa Ann Walter, is a no-nonsense second-grade teacher from South Philly who can get anything she wants by calling someone she knows who owes her a favor. bodhisattva.

Your favorite teacher totally makes you happy. But you totally agree with that, because you feel it coming. Maybe it’s because you’re the only one interested in school, or maybe you’re especially serious and a good worker, or maybe you’ve had an expressive period and let your hair down. Teasing never makes sense, because you’re joking, and secretly you only feel really touched when someone notices you. As someone who’s spent so many school days being looked down upon by his peers, you feel special when your teacher notices you – even if it’s just a light teasing. You had a hard time connecting with others, but when you finally found your team, you really shined.

Or, if this happens Not applies to you, you’ll see Jacob’s entry instead.

Barbara Howard

barbara from abbott elementary smiling

Image: ABC

Barbara (Sheryl Lee Ralph) is a legend at Abbott Elementary: a respected teacher with years of wisdom. So if she’s your favorite, you can sit in front of the class and keep those color-coded folders. But your role in a team project is to make sure no one messes up. People who can’t follow simple directions upset you. You believe that classroom rules are there for a reason and that people who don’t follow them are just rude. You got good marks and read all the assigned readings on time. You respect your teacher a lot, but at the same time, a lot of other students respect you too – when you don’t tell the teacher that they are sharing homework answers. The thought of using SparkNotes completely disgusts you. Contrary to the Janines out there, you didn’t really volunteer or raise your hand first; you don’t have to prove you’re the smartest person in the room, because you know it.

Ava Coleman

Ava leans in front of the school gate

Image: ABC

Played by Janelle James, the principal of Abbott Elementary School would rather focus on her social media accounts than run the school. So, if Ava is your favorite subject, you may not be as good as the whole school, but you really shine when it comes to foreign languages. You weren’t quite the class clown, but you had a lot of trouble talking and asking questions unrelated to the material going on. You like to push the limits of what you can achieve in class. This could be a hit or miss with your teacher – but boy, when it’s a hit, it’s a hit and they treat you like the special star you are. You may have learned on the basis of some teachers’ names, while others kept putting your name on no matter what you did. Hey, taste isn’t for everyone! You dream about bigger things than grades and school assignments. If you find an extracurricular activity you’ve clicked on, you’re in for it, but if you don’t, you’ll come back and just have fun meeting new people. You may have been involved in student government and may have come up against someone taking the matter too seriously, but since you’ve been here for a good time, you’ve dominated the polls.

Gregory Eddie

Gregory standing in front of his class at abbott . elementary school

Image: ABC

Gregory (Tyler James Williams) is Abbott Elementary’s newest teacher, called in for a replacement, and he’s really just using the job as a launch pad to become a principal one day. You go to school because you have to, not because you want to. That doesn’t mean you did poorly in school; you did well, thank you very much. But you made no effort to do anything else at school, other than school. Sure, you took part in the activities you needed to make your resume look good for college, but you didn’t spend an extra second doing anything you didn’t have to. . However, despite the fact that you actively sought Not whatever extra work, your classmates adore you and your teacher thinks you’re the bee’s knee. You’re not sure how this happened, but you may have been asked to speak at a graduation ceremony or been elected to a hometown trial. Everyone likes you and you’re not entirely sure how or why.

Jacob’s Hill

jacob stands on the table with his hands in front of his chest

Image: ABC

Sweet, sweet Jacob (Chris Perfetti) is another young teacher hired along with Janine, and a joker with his very serious and sometimes (frequently?) irritable personality.

You Completely made fun of your favorite teacher. You were complacent and choosing a teacher was an easy target. From the very beginning, you decided that to show dominance among your classmates, you needed to be the loudest and most obnoxious kid in the room – and yes, that meant making fun of the teacher. pellets. But none of this was done out of any malice; nah, your favorite teachers berated you right away and you’ve been enjoying some fun back-and-forth jokes. They even write letters of recommendation for you. With a little effort, you’ve maintained a decent score and skyrocketed to popularity. You really aren’t anyone the best you, but everyone likes you and knows your name.

Or, if this happens Not applies to you, you’ll see Melissa’s entry instead.

Mr. Johnson

Grandfather. johnson wears a fishing shirt and looks annoyed

Image: ABC

The eccentric school custodian (William Stanford Davis) knows his way around an electrical circuit, but would rather go fishing with his friends. As a student, you liked your hands more than your mind and didn’t like it when they stopped giving classes for you to build something. You and the tests are not very good, but you are really smart and sharp, carrying the wisdom of life when you are young. You didn’t sign up with the traditional way of doing things, went against your teacher in school, but today… you are free to conform and do what you want, when you want and the way you want. However, you still want to fish.

Abbott Elementary School returns March 22, at 9 p.m. EDT on ABC. What does your favorite Abbott Elementary teacher say about you?


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