What does the Cuphead cartoon series need to capture the brilliance of the game

Studio MDHR’s Extreme Hard Run and Shoot Shooter, Cuphead, was one of the most popular games of 2017. Combining the “rubber tube” animation style evoking the golden age of American cartoons with killer gameplay and boss battles, the title sold sold over six million copies and won numerous awards.

It is perhaps not surprising that more Cuphead Content is in the works, although some fans may have been shocked to learn that a sequel to the franchise won’t be a sequel to the video game. To replace, The Cuphead Show! will be an animated Netflix series, which has a great opportunity to appeal to fans of the original game if it can strike the same unsettling and dark tone.


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What made for such a memorable experience for Cuphead


Cuphead proven to be a hugely popular title since its release in 2017. Although the game is famous for its very high difficulty, Cuphead has many other positive attributes, including its boundless uniqueness. It leverages its classic art style to transport players to Inkwell Isle, a land filled with strange and wonderful characters, many of whom must be defeated in increasingly difficult boss battles. .

The game’s main characters, Cuphead and his friend Mugman, are pitted against everything from wicked cigars to personified gingerbread castles. This allows the game to showcase its innovative art style, a deliberate throwback to classic cartoons rarely seen in video games, aside from cryptic titles like Bendy And The Ink Machine. However, the game doesn’t just rely on great artwork and a highly creative enemy list for success, like Cuphead is also a memorable experience because of its perfectly calibrated gameplay.

Players explore Inkwell Isle in a top-down “underworld” map before choosing the challenge they will face next. After committing to a specific stage, the player will be faced with running and shooting challenge or an extremely difficult boss battle, with some of these battles taking place on land while others take the form of side-scrolling aerial shooters.

In each of these levels, Cuphead and Mugman can fire a continuous salvo of bullets from their gloved hands while jumping around the screen to dodge attacks, also deploying manoeuvers against some code projectiles certain colors or launch devastating special attacks when they have been fully charged. Another level of strategy is rooted in CupheadEquipable charms and special abilities, which can be purchased from an in-game shop owned by a tough pig named Porkrind.

While the gameplay is well-regarded, the game’s richly developed world and its memorable cast of characters certainly make for a cartoon spin-off. As such, a lot of fans are looking forward to The Cuphead Show! when it hits the small screen in the coming months.

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What The Cuphead Show! Need to go right

The artist said what Cuphead would look like if the game was based on different cartoons

Originally slated for a 2021 release, The Cuphead Show! Netflix’s launch date has been pushed back to 2022 due to the impact of the pandemic. Many fans will be happy with the delay, as it gives the show’s creators time to ensure the product is of the highest possible quality before it’s released. Early signs are positive, such as announcements about casting Will that road always be like that?‘NS Wayne Brady voices popular villain, King Dice.

Indeed, the momentum to transform Cuphead from a beloved indie game into a world-conquering franchise seems to be gaining momentum, with 2020 set to see Arby’s gives away for free Cuphead toys in their children’s meals. However, this is perhaps an indication of a pitfall the upcoming show needs to avoid, which is projecting too much of a younger audience.

Cupheadartistic style Definitely childish, deliberately recalling the golden age of American animation that began in 1928 with the popularity of sound animation and ended in the late 1960s. The characters and setting. Both are bright and colorful, the heroes and villains both spend most of the game with wide-eyed and grinning expressions on their faces.

However, the combination of this aesthetic and some Cupheadsinister content is very deliberate. Fans often discuss how creepy historical cartoons from this period look compared to modern sensuous films. With this in mind, it would be a mistake if a game where the final boss is the Devil avoids this dark corner on its own and targets a viewership that is too young.

Cartoons also need to take advantage of the game’s quirky and clever sense of humor. Almost as disgusting as the farce of CupheadThe rogues gallery is a series of beautiful word games on display, one such level called “Murine Legion” where the player battles an army-obsessed rat. Even coming DLC expansion, titled “The Last Tasty”, which uses a clever acronym to represent the same bold wordplay as the main game.

Final, The Cuphead Show! must also make sure it retains the game’s intentionally old-fashioned and classic art style. Modern cartoons have so much to offer, but few look like they did at home in the 1940s, and fans will be keen to see how this fine art can be turned into a show. contemporary television. Time will tell whether Netflix can accomplish what seems like a challenging task when their latest crossover video game airs in 2022.

Cuphead Currently available for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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Cuphead Reviews
Cuphead Reviews

Cuphead offers a handpicked balance between stunning hand-drawn visuals and uncompromising gameplay. This heavily stylized title is an instant classic.

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