What does John Wick do right when it comes to building myths

Increasingly expanding John Wick The franchise has been in the spotlight for over seven years now and it shows no signs of slowing down. Among the franchise’s many accomplishments is one of the best approaches to world-building in an action series to date, one of the ways in which other films can learn a lot. from that.

John Wick are three other major entry films along the way and More spin-offs are set to premiere in the near future. What was once a very simple medium-budget action blockbuster has quickly become one of the world’s best-selling franchises, all thanks to its careful introduction into the intricate underworld. by The High Table.


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The brilliance of the first John Wick The film comes in the way it reveals its world, by drawing the audience in and revealing details over time. John Wick is a perfect example of a classic script lesson; show, do not speak. Panache is kept to a minimum in the franchise, everything the series feels it needs to teach is taught from the start. The first film plays a simple trick, opening with Wick having retired and living a quiet life alone. After the break-in that sent John into a rage, the audience learned exactly who The Baba Yaga was through the reactions of every other character. When Wick decided to retire, he brought a sledgehammer to a spot in his basement, unearthing a shotgun and a stack of gold coins. The scenes have no explanation at first, but instead of letting someone say what they mean, the audience gets to see all they need to see. Through extremely sparse dialogue, the details become clear.

John Wick and his hound

Review the concepts necessary to understand in order to fully follow the events of John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum. The high table and its rules, Continent and its importance, the ancient order of assassins, John Wick’s past, his criminal syndicate, King Bowery and his army, and the crimes Wick committed that put him on the run. All of these details are introduced at breakneck speed throughout the series, and most of them are simply presented to the audience. The High Table’s power is communicated through their use of it, the rules are made clear when people bend or break them and suffer the consequences, Bowery King’s life makes itself known, etc.

Minimal detail is needed to bring these concepts through, the audience gathers important facts, even if they don’t know every detail. The history of the underground society of hired killers remains largely obscure, but what is available now provides a complete description sufficient to understand and often predict their actions. Wick’s past is still full of gaps, but what fans know about him sells his legend while keeping the mystery alive. NS John Wick The franchise plays a subtle game, revealing only what it takes to keep an audience engaged, while always leaving enough for the imagination to continue to expand. In the last moments of chapter 2, when Winston declares Wick an “excommunicado”, and the absolute scale of the world suddenly expanded Exponentially, it seems that every human in sight shows their involvement, it builds myths that no explanatory dump can ever do.

In many ways, John Wick presented in a way that is completely opposite of the default among its peers. Look at Harry Potter or Star Wars, the work introduces audiences to new concepts with their own complex rules and myths by revolving around a character who, like the audience, is first explored. John Wick is one of the most connected and important characters in his world, he doesn’t need to explain anything to him, so audiences just keep pouring forward as if they are as familiar as he is. that’s it. The filmmakers believe that the audience can absorb the details and choose their investment level. Viewers are free to cut out word by word, create elaborate theories, and choose their own favorite interpretation of the hidden elements or Just sit back and enjoy the action only with a rudimentary knowledge of people’s deeper backstory.

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John Wick far from the only franchise with deep mythology, and its example could become a monument to clever storytelling across the genre. Heart already the new standard for action, perhaps it can also inform cinematic mythology. Nearly every Marvel movie features a second in-action scene that serves no other purpose than explaining the story. Imagine an MCU blockbuster that strips away grueling origin stories and simply gives audiences confidence. By embodying the rules of the world, laying out only what is necessary, leaving more to the imagination, and starting with knowledge rather than ignorance, action cinema can become a reality. should be smarter, faster and more attractive.

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