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The whole camp bonding mechanic is really an incentive to hang out with your virtual friends.

Not only do you get some extra character development and world building by engaging in these conversations with people, but there’s also a huge gameplay benefit of maximizing camp bonds. this.

When you reach the highest level of bonding with someone (by having five chats with them around a campfire), you unlock Their second mystical Arte. These are incredibly powerful abilities that you don’t stand a chance of achieving without taking the time to get to know the members of your team.

The benefits of camping

Aquarius Damnation is now unlocked for Rinwell / Tales of Arise
Aquarius Damnation is being unlocked for Rinwell.

The main and only benefit to playing the game from enhancing relationships with other party members is that you will unlock each member’s second mystical artifact.

These are difficult, epic attacks for each character and cannot be unlocked in any other way.

Therefore, you should take the time to maximize the bond with every character.

Here is a brief list of every secondary mystical tool, unlocked via the camp link:

  • Shionne: Gunpowder
  • Law: crimson sky
  • Rinwell: Aquarius Damnation
  • Dohalim: Serious layoff
  • Kisara: Last Player

From a narrative standpoint, it’s well worth maximizing these camp bindings, as it will unlock several skits for each character, where you get to know them and hear about their backstory a lot. slightly.

And finally, for the title hunters out there, maxing the link will also unlock an achievement.

There is an achievement for each bond that reaches the maximum, for a total of five. In addition, there is a secret Friday achievement of reaching the highest level of bonding with every party member in the game.

How to make campfire link

Tales of Arise . / Tales of Arise
Camp ending. Shionne is the maximum, others can link more.

When first playing Tales of Arise, the actual camp link will be unavailable for a short time.

It is unlocked upon entering Cyslodia for the first time, with Rinwell becoming a full member of the group, not just as a guest she originally appeared.

After Rinwell attends the correct party, a skit will be played the next time the group arrives at camp.

With that, the game will introduce you to the concept of camp bonding, as well as walk you through a short tutorial. You will then be able to choose a character from your party to chat with.

For this first camp link case, Rinwell’s name will be greyed out. This is simply for the sake of the tutorial, the game wants you to chat with Shionne first.

Skits to play when unlocking the camp link / Tales of Arise
Skits are played when the camp link is unlocked.

From then on, while camping, you’ll be able to chat with one party member of your choice at a time.

It will be the last choice before resting, after you have chosen a recipe.

It is very clear who is your best choice to chat at any time.

You can reach the next level of bond with anyone who has small white text box next to their name. No text box means you can still chat with them, but it won’t increase your level of engagement with them.

Once their relationship is fully enhanced, a cute little smiley face will appear next to their name, which means you can focus on getting to know everyone else.

Tip: As the story progresses, you will only be able to bond with certain characters on certain occasions. For example, you won’t be able to maximize your relationship with Shionne right away by talking to her every time you’re camping.

Once you’ve beaten the game, you’ll no longer have to wait for any story events to trigger unlocking certain affiliate chats.

However, you will only be able to increase your bond with any character once every hour game time.

This cooldown is shared throughout the party, so you can’t chat with Law, then re-camp immediately and communicate with Dohalim.

Note: As the name implies, camp links only come into play when sitting around a campfire. So avoid staying at hostels if you want to raise someone’s attachment level. Your party members are too busy enjoying the creature comforts of Dahnan’s hospitality to worry about things like “making friends” when they aren’t prepared for it around a campfire.

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