What does a Hobbit’s life look like when they don’t save the world?

Any viewer of Hobbit or Lord of the Rings the movies can portray the Hobbit well through what is seen in these storylines. However, there are many important qualities and symbolism attached to them that are only evident in their lives beyond going through perilous journeys. Hobbits, sometimes called dog-breeds, are simple, peaceful creatures that range in height from about 2 to 4 feet and have large, disproportionately furry feet, like those of a rabbit. Their feet allow them to jump well for their size and, despite being huge, allow them to move quietly.

The most Hobbit-related fans out of the many creatures in Middle-earth. This is probably Tolkien’s intention, as he chose the Hobbit as the central character for the quests in these stories. Tolkien certainly intended the characters to represent his perception of reality, including his dislike of machines.


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The Hobbits represent an ordinary person in our society and the way they cling to the things that make them comfortable and fearful changes. However, like Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Stories taught to fans, if they leave their comfortable lives for the better, the journey is often difficult but rewarding. To examine their way of life, it must first be noted that there are three distinct groups of Hobbits: the Harfoots, the Fallohides, and the Stoors. Although there are some physical and environmental differences between these groups, most of them lead similar lives. Of course, overtime these groups become intertwined. The Hobbits of the Shire and Bree are descendants of the Harfoots.

Hobbits_Brave_Lord of the Rings

All these groups of Hobbits usually live to be about 100 years old, although some recorded hobbits’ lives have lasted as long as 130 years. Their long life is certainly the result of a leisurely and stress-free lifestyle. Instead of letting others take away their energy, they are willing to give and balance by taking time to relax. This again shows how a trade-off contributes to things working well in the longer term. When many people consider Hobbits, they immediately picture themselves standing in front of a Hobbit pit. However, not all Hobbits live in these types of houses, especially when considering the three types of Hobbits and the different places they live.

Like most creatures in Middle-earth, Hobbits aim to reflect society, so they have classes. The richer the hobbits, the more they tended to live above ground, in houses made of wood or stone, like the structures of men. The Hobbits were of the middle class, the group to which Bilbo and Frodo belonged, living in houses partially underground, in the hills. Hobbits of the lower class are said to live in holes that resemble real rabbits’ burrows.

Of course there are a number of factors that make up average day for a Hobbit– no matter what their home looks like – it will contribute to a long, peaceful and balanced life. Some of the points that make up an ordinary day for a Hobbit can benefit the average person in modern society as they live by habits that keep them on track and in good spirits.

First, there is food, which is not simply a means of feeding the Hobbits, but also one of the joys in life– a hobby, a favorite pastime. As a result, Tolkien writes, they tended to lean toward the stout, though it should be pointed out that, by the hobbit meals Tolkien describes in his stories, it appears that all six meals These are not very big. By eating smaller, healthy portions of whole grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables throughout the day, their energy will be maintained.

Shire_Gandalf_Lord of the Rings

On a similar note, they really like a draft beer and a good pipe. These are learned creatures to create luxuries out of the simple things in life. While the average person in our world drinks beer or drains a tube to benefit the day, the Hobbits use them to help get the day going.

They appreciate both peace and quiet, and a good celebration with friends. Their relaxed style contrasts quite a bit with their party style. While they feel absolute satisfaction walking alone in their garden with a pipe in hand, they are equally happy when they slap a beer on a friend’s mug at a celebratory event. They can find a healthy balance in life between peace and exchange, contributing to good mental health.

When they are not relaxing or celebrating, they spend a lot of time tending to the garden and the plants in the field. They provide for the planet, in turn, provide for them. They see tending to their plants as therapy, seeing it as a relaxing process rather than a lawn care routine, and because of this, they grow their food with love. Much of the food they ate was of plant origin and so looking after the plants was a very important task for the Hobbits.

They walk around barefoot because their feet have leather soles allowing them to walk easily without shoes. This is probably one of the habits in their life that makes them always live well with nature. They are very connected to the Earth and treat her well as their own. If the Earth around them gets sick, they heal. They are nurturers, just as they are protectors, when needed. That being said, for the creatures who don’t wear shoes and don’t get out of the house much to relax most of the day, they dress up for show. They wear elaborate vests, often in bright colors. Maybe they obey your beliefs that if you look good, you feel good.

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However, they are not materialistic. The Hobbits of the Shire have developed their own custom of giving gifts rather than receiving them on their birthdays. Yet again, the Hobbits prove that they are true beings who embody love and service. They realize that life is a gift and do not covet material possessions, but instead extend their love and gratitude to friends and family.

In the end, the Hobbits enjoyed their way of life and it made them very uncomfortable to leave it. Because of this, they care a lot about the Shire, as it was one of the few places in Middle-earth peaceful enough for the Hobbits to exist in this way. Shire represents home. Of course, the Hobbits who risked their lives for the Shire, Bilbo and Frodo, ultimately deciding to let it go to the Immortal Lands, proves how important it is to keep going for growth.

While everything about an average Hobbit day may seem like an unattainable reality for many fans, there’s a lot we can all learn. the way hobbits go about life. They don’t add extra stress to their lives unless there’s a good reason, which often means helping others but not themselves. Tolkien made a careful decision in incorporating a character that exhibits qualities contrary to what is required. Lord of the Rings because it allows audiences to watch hobbits grow up and inspires viewers to do the same.

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