What do orcs eat, and how do they feed an army?

There are many memes and questions that have popped up over the years about the moment in Two towers when the orc shouted ‘looks like meat is back on the menu boys!’ It conjures a humorous image in the mind of a group of civilized Orcs dining in a fancy restaurant, in stark contrast to what audiences have seen of their barbaric and inhuman nature.

It also goes against the idea that they would eat ‘maggot bread’ for three days, if they were used to a higher quality of food. While these lines are a creative addition on behalf of film director Peter Jackson, it was Tolkien who actually offered the hint as to what Orcs might eat, when he was writing his famous works.


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In the book of Return of the king, as Frodo and Sam were deep in the midst of Mordor, besieged by enemies on all sides, they encountered a settlement camp in the vast plains of the Wasteland. But to their surprise, it was men, not Orcs, they saw coming and going from the vast tents. When reading about these men in Encyclopedia of Arda, revealing that these men were actually slaves captured by the evil Lord Sauron and brought back to Mordor.

Ugly_Orcs_Lord of the Rings

They spent the day working tirelessly to provide enough food to sustain his many armies, and were completely subdued to his will. Exactly who these slaves were is not known, but it can be assumed that they were men of the East and South, of races like Haradrim from just below the land of Gondor. At this point in Lord of the Rings, Sam and Frodo are about to run out Lembas . bread supply, was given to them by the elves of Lothlorien, and has aided them in their journey thus far. Sam said ‘well, whatever they have to eat or drink down there, we can’t get it.’

So it is clear that the Orcs did in fact have some form of food production in Mordor, rather than some kind of diet like that of the Gollum creature, although what exactly the food is is not well known. clear. However, the surrounding lands were said to be fiery and desolate, and Boromir, captain of Gondor, described ‘the very air you breathe is a poisonous smoke’ at Rivendell Council, so the possibility of Orcs eating things that come from the earth such as fruit or vegetables is very unlikely. Maybe at that time, humans were breeding and raising animals for the orcs to eat. Cattle and Games would make the most sense. It is possible that the animals may even include horses, as it is known that horses are raised in dark lands. These were the black horses the Ring-wraiths rode as they pursued the Hobbits from The Shire to Rivendell.

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However, the terrible truth was that the Orcs were more likely to eat than the slaves themselves. Everyone knows that they are very hungry for the taste of human flesh. It is very reliable that the slaves being transported up from the south are indeed what sustain Sauron’s massive army. We also know that they are not opposed to cannibalism, as they began to eat the orcs killed in the kidnapping of Merry and Pippin. outside Fangorn forest. It also shows that not all Orcs created are chosen as weapons, when at the Isengard forge, where Crebain of Dunland reports to Saruman Caucasian, Lurtz is seen strangling a weaker orc, which is why he was chosen as the leader of the Uruk-hai. Perhaps too weak or too weak inventions were sent as food to others in Mordor.

Meats back on the menu

When Sauron was defeated, and the quest to throw the ring into the flames of Mount Doom was completed, the great Orcs of Mordor were either slain, captured, or scattered into the hollows of the hills and mountains. Thus begins the Fourth Age of the world, in which Aragorn becomes king of Gondor, with Arwen choosing to remain by his side rather than join her mother in Immortal Land.

A great era of peace begins, with the formation of the Reunited kingdom, written in Westmarch’s red book. And one of the first things Aargorn did during his rule was to free the trapped and enslaved creatures across Middle-earth, including those who once bred Orcs. They were allowed to return to their homeland and start anew, under the protection of the kingdoms.

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