What could the Harrison spin-off series look like?

Dexter: New bloodthe showtime series continuation/reboot series entitled dexter, completed earlier this year. As fans of the series will remember, the season ended with Dexter being semi-reluctantly killed by his son Harrison, a dark and unfortunate ending for the unlikely anti-hero.

Author Clyde Phillips clarified this creative choice by saying that Dexter was a serial killer and so it wouldn’t make sense for him to have a happy ending. Many fans were unhappy with this conclusion, pointing to some of the character’s more human traits as proof that he wasn’t such a bad person, but regardless of those feelings, the ending closed this chapter of dexter. Despite this mixed reception, Showtime is actively developing a spin-off of new blood starring Harrison Morgan, but the finality of the final episode’s ending leaves some confusion as to the plot of a possible new season. Still, some clues remain as to what a Harrison spin-off is Dexter: New blood could be about.


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The whole point is the revival of the infamous TV anti-hero in Dexter: New blood should offer fans a more satisfying ending than the original series. The original show ended with the title character’s sister Deb dying and Dexter himself isolating himself from everyone else, leaving his son behind in the process. Star Michael C. Hall admitted the first ending wasn’t to his liking but supported the creative choices seen at the end of new blood, which interestingly doubled the themes of the original ending. Dexter was portrayed as an inherently bad character after years of moral cruelty and ambiguity, which featured in both endings, which some viewers didn’t appreciate.

The situation regarding fan reception to the end new blood Getting into a new series/season with Harrison isn’t ideal. Still, viewers tuned in after the unpopular original finale, which is often cited as one of, if not the, worst TV endings of all time. With that in mind, there is hope for the network in this regard. On the creative side, as mentioned, new blood so definitively concluded that it seems another fresh start is in order for any sequel. A new location and a new cast of supporting characters seem likely, as Harrison drove out of the New York City of Iron Lake at the very end with a smile on his face.

That’s not the only clue to the ins and outs of a Harrison show, though. Dexter may be dead, but this world has a penchant for ghostly characters. Harry Morgan, Dexter’s father and Harrison’s grandfather (and namesake), died before the first season but appeared in a visionary role for eight consecutive seasons. After Deb died at the end of season 8, she took over the vision/ghost role in new bloodso the precedent is there that Michael C. Hall will return as Dexter one more time.

In fact, Hall’s return seems less of a possibility and more of a possibility for this Harrison show. The actor has spoken out about the sheer time and effort it took to play Dexter over the years, but appearing as a ghost character would ease the strain considerably. Jennifer Carpenter was a constant presence new blood but had much less screen time than Hall, allowing the latter to fill the same role. This would allow him to focus on other roles and his music, two things the actor is particularly interested in. He was ready enough to come back new blood even after years of questions and criticism on the original ending, and he seems prouder of the new season, so it seems like he has no objections to returning again. Writer Clyde Phillips has often been the one to talk about a Harrison spin-off, and he’s likely to return as showrunner, which only increases the odds of Hall’s return (especially since Phillips was the brains behind the first four seasons of dexterthe most critically acclaimed outings).

plot way, new blood made it clear that Harrison has the same Dark Passenger as Dexter, but he also has some clear differences. Harrison feels more guilty about what he’s doing and doesn’t get exactly the same joy from it as Dexter, which is why he had to leave the room after the pair killed Clancy Brown’s villain. Harrison is a less strict version of Dexter in many ways, as he was excited about becoming a serial killer just for the superhero and vigilante aspects of it all. Dexter has always cared about the victims of murder (to an extent), but Harrison has more empathy than his father. All of these characters in new blood are indicators of some of the core themes likely to be present on a Harrison show.

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