What can the next armored core learn from dark souls

Since the beginning of FromSoftware’s history in 1994, it has made two series of films side-by-side. The first are medieval fantasy games, which begin with King’s Realm. A line of spiritual sequels continues to include Tower of Darkness, Evergrace, Eternal Rings, and finally the soul of the devil. Another line of games FromSoftware is known for its mechanical games, once its most popular product. Armored Core first launched in 1997, and remains FromSoftware’s largest franchise with more than 10 entries from its name. Other mech-focused games like Metal Wolf Chaos and Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn built upon the tried and tested framework of Armored Core.


However, since 2014 Dark Souls 2, Armored Core and the rest of FromSoftware’s game mechanics are gone. FromSoftware confirmed in 2016 that a Armored Core The title is in development and President Hidetaka Miyazaki hinted that it will still be made two years later, but nothing has happened yet. Localized Devolver Digital Metal Wolf Chaos XD in 2019, but Armored Core fans are left in the background as FromSoftware’s soul-likes thrive. Now then Elden Ring is on the way to release, it looks like a new era is looming. The rumor is based on a leaked survey and screenshots show a Armored Core is in deep development and could merge parts of the fantasy game FromSoftware with its sci-fi legacy.

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Thematic Similarities Between Armored Core and Dark Souls

dark souls 3 highlights background

Armored Core and Dark soul The title shares some key themes and set elements. One of the biggest is the use of post-apocalyptic settings, which next Armored Core is set to maintain. A destroyed world allows games to focus on action, as seen in the absence of ordinary citizens in many FromSoftware games. In the next case Armored Core, the survey’s description states that a powerful energy source called Melange caused a catastrophe on the planet Bashtar, engulfing the surrounding star systems. The substance was thought to have disappeared, but decades later the Melange reaction was confirmed again. This is what brings Armored CoreCorrupt governments, big corporations, cultists, AI, and mercenaries are often in conflict.

Armored Core has some other similarities with soul Game. For one, the player character starts out as a nobody who has to fight through all the powerful enemies that stand in their way. For certain characters and mechs that reappear in the games, especially the Nine Ball option boss, and some things like Lucky Patches and Moonlight Blade are shared with soul Game.

The greatest thematic similarity between AC and Dark souls, however, is the cyclical nature of their stories. Armored Core tend to recount the same conspiracy between people and corporations over and over again, and Armored Core: Judgment Day admit this is similar to Dark Souls 2 and 3. Upcoming Armored Core may not have a novel story, but borrow some Dark souls‘environmental storytelling’ could put it ahead of its predecessors.

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Game features that armored cores can get from dark souls

Armored Core 5 Grindblade 6

Armored Core and Dark souls share the focus on custom builds, with Dark souls inheritance Armored Core‘S large number of weapons and equipment. Both franchises are tough but fair, offering experiences rare in modern games. Both franchises also focus on tactical gameplay, with each entry speeding things up. At moment later Armored Core the title may have gone too far in this regard, so the next title should take a page out Dark souls‘playbook and make combat more deliberate with higher stakes.

Looks like new Armored Core is using some element from Dark souls. Melee weapons have always been part of AC, but the game is rumored to have melee builds involving swords and shields. This is a huge departure from Armored Corestandard, and will certainly add a huge strategic element to the single-player and multiplayer. It can also promote a soul-like the boss’s approach to design. In addition to the standard mech with smart pilots and high-end equipment, some bosses and common enemies can have unique moves. Attacking an iron giant with a sword is certainly not a rare sight in Dark souls, and Armored Core can capture the same spirit.

Armored Core’s Identity Needs to Maintain

Nine-ball armored core

Even with a more deliberate speed, Armored Core so still have speed and portability. The ability to fly and the dash boost are iconic parts of the franchise and the sequel AC must be designed with that in mind. Likewise, ranged weapons will become more viable than ever, even with more melee options. Armored CoreThe large number of weapons have proven their worth and make different builds possible, so hopefully range balance issues affect some FromSoftware’s fantasy game don’t switch AC.

Armored Core Also can’t share Dark souls‘level design. Armored Core is best when tasks are segregated and there are breaks between tasks. Are from Armored Core players will often speed through environments, there’s no reason to put too much detail into them, especially if it’s messy in combat. Additionally, downtime is needed to ensure that players can tailor their builds. Armored Core and Dark souls can share the focus on the works, but the act of managing statistics and functions in one soul games aren’t nearly as important as agonizing over partial interactions in AC.

Finally, thanks to its mission design, Armored CoreMultiplayer should be in its dedicated modes. Just as important PvP in the game FromSoftware, invasions are not always as realistic as matchmaking. Armored Core can draw many great lessons from Dark souls, but it needs to be maintained Armored Core.

A new one Armored Core rumored to be in development.

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