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What Can Cause Amenorrhea Other Than Pregnancy?

What’s amenorrhea?

The most common causes of amenorrhea include pregnancy, breastfeeding, contraception, menopause, sudden weight loss, hormonal imbalance, and structural concerns.

The most typical causes of amenorrhea embody being pregnant, breastfeeding, contraception, menopause, sudden weight reduction, hormonal imbalance, and structural considerations.

After puberty and earlier than menopause, menstruation ought to be an everyday prevalence for girls with none underlying well being circumstances. The hypothalamus and pituitary gland within the mind, which ship and produce hormones, regulate this course of together with the uterus and ovaries. Irregular menstrual cycles could be a marker of each bodily and mental health.

A scarcity of normal menstrual cycles is called amenorrhea. The situation will be troublesome to diagnose and tackle as a result of it has so many causes.

Consultants estimate that, when not linked to breastfeeding or menopause, amenorrhea is current in between 3% and 4% of grownup girls. Generally the situation will not be trigger for concern. Typically, nevertheless, it accompanies main well being issues that ought to be promptly addressed.

Indicators and signs of amenorrhea

The lack of menstruation will be thought-about a symptom in and of itself. However generally, signs could start even earlier than girls with amenorrhea are conscious that their menstrual cycle has modified. These signs embody:

Breast milk secretions

Whereas lactation can immediate amenorrhea, some girls who aren’t breastfeeding nonetheless expertise milk discharge. Also referred to as galactorrhea, this symptom typically accompanies amenorrhea however could be a signal of a number of different medical circumstances.

Facial Hair

The hormone imbalances related to amenorrhea could result in the event of facial hair, a situation often called hirsutism. Some girls may additionally expertise extra physique hair.


As with facial hair, elevated acne could happen in response to the hormonal modifications that happen whereas experiencing amenorrhea.

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Forms of amenorrhea

Major amenorrhea

Major amenorrhea is when younger girls haven’t skilled their first interval by the age of 16. In such conditions, amenorrhea may additionally be known as delayed menarche, or delayed puberty.

Secondary amenorrhea

In secondary amenorrhea, girls who’ve already established an everyday menstrual cycle miss menstruation 3 times in a row or extra. This generally includes a dysfunction of the hypothalamus. If the manufacturing of hormones required to set off ovulation ends, the menstrual cycle turns into pointless and should cease altogether. Some medical professionals consult with this model of the situation as hypothalamic amenorrhea

Causes of amenorrhea

Whereas pregnancy is commonly answerable for amenorrhea, the situation can happen for all kinds of different causes. A few of these are of little concern, however others could level to pressing points with psychological or bodily well being. A couple of of the commonest causes of amenorrhea embody:


Timing for the return of menstruation can differ dramatically based mostly on whether or not girls breastfeed, and to what extent. Unique breastfeeding could delay menstrual cycles by a number of months or perhaps a yr or extra.

Generally known as lactational amenorrhea, this phenomenon generally includes family planning. Analysis means that the effectiveness of the lactational amenorrhea methodology (LAM) is restricted, although that could be due to how troublesome it may be to implement appropriately.


Sure kinds of contraception restrict menstruation or trigger it to cease altogether. This response is commonest for oral varieties hormonal contraception, though some girls with hormonal IUDs may additionally expertise irregular intervals or the total lack of menstruation.


Ovulation and menstruation change into extra irregular with the start of menopause, finally giving solution to the lack of menstrual intervals altogether. This transition can range considerably between girls. Some expertise amenorrhea before anticipated resulting from premature menopause.

Sudden weight reduction

In some circumstances, the lack of menstruation could also be accompanied by sudden and vital weight loss. Some excessive athletes, for instance, expertise amenorrhea throughout occasions of intense coaching. Moreover, the lack of menstrual cycles is related to eating disorders akin to anorexia nervosa. Weight loss resulting from well being considerations, akin to cancer or type 1 diabetes, may additionally have an effect on menstruation.

Hormonal imbalance

Many ladies with amenorrhea have underlying hormonal considerations. Menstrual disruptions typically accompany circumstances akin to polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and noncancerous pituitary tumors.

Structural considerations

Some structural points associated to the reproductive system can contribute to amenorrhea. With Asherman’s syndrome, for instance, the buildup of scar tissue limits the buildup of the uterine lining required for menstruation.

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Diagnosing amenorrhea

Medical doctors typically diagnose amenorrhea by inquiring about girls’s menstrual cycles. If these haven’t arrived by the age of 16—or if they’ve disappeared for 3 months or extra—the situation could also be recognized. Medical doctors additionally think about the affect of breastfeeding, contraception, or menopause, and so they at all times rule out being pregnant first. A pelvic exam could comply with after questions on these and different components.

Therapies for amenorrhea

Most popular remedy for amenorrhea will depend on the trigger. The situation doesn’t at all times spark concern. Even when it does, remedies could give attention to underlying components relatively than addressing the menstrual cycle itself. Some circumstances, nevertheless, might have swift remedy to keep away from the long-term penalties of estrogen deficiency — low ranges of the feminine hormone — that always accompanies amenorrhea.

When amenorrhea happens resulting from genetic abnormalities, it may be handled with supplemental hormones. Instances involving structural problems with the reproductive system could require surgical procedure.

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