What Battlefield 2042 Gets Right

Battlefield 2042 has received a lot of criticism since its launch a few weeks ago. From the “Continuous Error” problem blocking everyone from playing the game, to a bunch of glitches and bugs, there’s a ton of bugs with Battlefield 2042. It’s perfectly legitimate for players to feel frustrated with the current state of the game. Longtime fans are also disappointed by the lack of many features that were present Battlefield gameplay, such as persistent servers, leaderboards, and dropped weapon lists, among other issues.

While fans of the series seemed largely negative about the game, some reviews gave it a pretty positive score, praising several new additions to the gameplay while also pointing out flaws. clarity of the game. Although the game certainly has the majority of problems, but Not a complete misfireand there are some interesting mechanics on display.


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Map Variations / Verticality

battlefield 2042 players drop from a building

Battlefield 2042 There aren’t many maps currently. At launch, the game featured seven Conquest maps; While comparing, Battlefield 4 there are 10 conquest maps, and Halo Infinite there are 10 multiplayer maps in general, with Call of Duty Vanguard There are 16 maps. However, Battlefield 2042Map’s offers some pretty significant variation.

All Battlefield 2042‘NS Huge conquest map, easily host 128 players. While the design between maps is rather limited, with a few coming together like “one with skyscrapers”, the variation within the maps themselves is quite interesting. The best maps in Battlefield 2042 provides a variety of locations in one map.

For example, the map “Manifest” is set in a Singapore harbour, allowing players to choose battles in several different languages. Fights can happen between shipping containers, on cargo ships, or on top of a hillside communications array. During any given match on Manifest, players can see a range of different locations, which helps to keep each match feeling new and exciting, as there is much to explore in each match. map.

The verticality of these maps is also a unique and fascinating aspect of Battlefield 2042of the design, with many maps featuring skyscrapers or buildings that can be accessed via equipment, elevators, or ascension ropes on the side of the structure. This increases the verticality of each map, with multiple ways to approach different targets.

For example, skyscrapers in the map “Kaleidoscope” have a Conquest objective at the top; the player can use the elevator in the building, can fly a helicopter over the target, or even ride up the building by seaplane. The vertical of Battlefield 2042The map keeps the gameplay engaging by providing multiple ways to reach and defend objectives.

A brand new addition to Battlefield 2042, the weather system, also affects player participation. During any given match of Conquest, a natural disaster can strike the map. These range from desert sandstorms that can obscure the player’s view, to tornado tore through the map, tossing everything around it into the air. While it doesn’t happen all the time, these weather effects can spice up the game a bit, changing the way you approach or set up target protection.

Devices and Attachments

Battlefield 2042 - K30 and its attachments

Even though Battlefield 2042 stripped its weapon list down to 22 and presented it nicely controversial expert system as opposed to class-based Battlefield old, Battlefield 2042 there are still some interesting devices and attachment mechanisms. At the very least, Professionals make certain improvements in quality of life to Battlefield Multiplayer formula improves the experience.

There are two experts in Battlefield 2042 gives players the ability to traverse the map in new and exciting ways: Webster Mackay, who has the grappling hook, and Sundance, Who uses the outfit?. While it’s a pity that players can’t use these abilities side-by-side and they’re locked into the game’s weird Limit Expert system, the freedom given to these casting abilities is amazing. surprisingly.

Giving the player the ability to scale any wall or fly straight to a target on the map really makes the game feel like it’s putting the action in the player’s hands, even if it doesn’t end up being it has to be. The ability to capture a target on top of a glacier, skim through the ravine below, and eventually land on an oil rig base on the other side of the map is pretty impressive and feels like a real step forward. Franchising.

Battlefield 2042The attached wheel system also enhances the player’s sense of freedom and freedom. Instead of having to swap weapon attachments through a series of menus, players can now swap out their attachments on the fly. All the player needs to do is hold down the Left Pad/L1 Button and use the Face Buttons to cycle through the three pre-installed weapon attachments. Many players are likely never use this feature, were born with their ideal payload, but it gave the player more freedom, allowing the player to swap between long-range and close-range accessories depending on the situation.

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Portal Mode

Battlefield 2042 Players take a neat Wingsuit training in portal mode

An aspect of Battlefield 2042 which everyone seems to agree is pretty good Portal Mode. Players have the opportunity to return to a small selection of classics Battlefield map, reworked to work in Battlefield 2042 Frostbite engine. Map selection, at least at launch, was a bit tricky, with only two maps from each game (Battlefield 1943, Battlefield 3, and Battlefield Bad Company 2) is present. Even so, the novelty of being able to play these classic maps is definitely a point in 2042favored, especially longtime fans will probably find a lot of nostalgia when playing this mode.

With the ultimate promise of more content in Portal Mode and guarantee that many errors and glitches will be eliminated with timed patches, Battlefield 2042 could eventually become a game that fans can be truly satisfied with. At least for now, there’s still some fun possible with some of the game’s cool and unique new mechanics and additions.

Battlefield 2042 currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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