What Are The Words The Elves Sing In Their Sorrow To Gandalf?

When fellowship begins in Rivendell, there are 9 companions, the main mastermind of which is Gandalf the Grey, wisest wizard in his command. But by the time the friendship reached Lothlorien, the fairy kingdom in which Lady Galadriel was, there were only eight of them, for Gandalf had fallen. That evening the dwarves sang a lament to the sorcerer, who was a friend to all who lived there. In the expanded version of the 2001 film adaptation is the famous line in reference to his songs they sing, “I’ll translate it for you, but I don’t have the heart.” leaves both the audience and the audience wondering what this melancholy ballad really means.


To understand the songs they sang after he broke up, it is important to understand the manner and circumstances of his death. During their travels, fellows are forced to participate Mines Moria, a cave that was once a warm and cheerful Dwarven beneath the mountains, where Gimli’s cousin Balin lived with his people in joy and happiness.

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By the time the fellowship came, however, the mine had turned into a tomb, filled with cave-dwelling orcs and sperm-wielding goblins and a lots of lethal weapons. The companions, barely able to survive the attack, fled their enemies to the bridge of Khazad-dum, where Gandalf faced his inevitable end. A fire demon from the depths of the earth, awakened when greedy dwarves dug too deep in the mountains, emerged from the darkness. The mighty Balrog threatens to kill them all, until Gandalf stood last, and with the famous saying ‘You shall not pass!’ broke the bridge, sending both him and the overturned creature over the long abyss below them.

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This is mentioned in the Sindarian verse in the fairy song of grief, which reads ‘I reniad l ne ne ór, nuithannen’ and can be translated as ‘your journey has ended in dark.’ There are many other lines of melancholy tone concerning the sorcerer, and also his life and events after his death. Some of the others include ‘Mithrandir, Mithrandir A Randir Vithren’, which in common language means ‘My Friend, My Friend, O Pilgrim Grey’ and is clearly a reference to his life as a swashbuckler. wandering the Middle-earth kingdoms bringing good news and bad news about war of a ring. These rumors, though absolutely necessary and well-intentioned, made him a feared guest in both the kingdoms of Rohan and Gondor, for they often started much trouble and were difficult to bring. out light. But with elves, you are always welcome.

Another line seems crucial, especially considering Galadriel’s warning that ‘the mission stands on the edge of a knife, get lost a little and you will fail, leading to the ruin of all’ is a line that reads “In gwidh ristennin, I fae narchannen ‘means ‘link severed, spirit broken’. This begs the question, whether the fellowship has been severed. In that case, did Galadriel see in his mirror that Gandalf’s death would lead to Boromir’s subsequent death, and split into two factions for the rest of the company? Lord of the Rings believes this is the case, and believes that she has judged the gifts she gave to 8 people when they broke up be suitable. This also explains why the words are so difficult for Legolas to translate for others, because they partly represent the demise of fellowship, and their difference in paths is only a matter of time. It was a matter of time since the glue that held them together (Gandalf in particular) was no longer there.

A final note, in lamentation is ‘I lach Anor ed ardhon gwannen’, which in Men’s language means ‘Arnor’s flame has departed from this world. Theories and interpretations of this line vary. Some have suggested that it simply states that Gandalf is an entity of light, a guiding beacon, through the use of the word ‘Arnor’ which is the Sindarian word for ‘sun’. However, others suggest that it is more likely related to the ring Gandalf possessed, one of the three rings of power of the elves, whose name is Nenya. His ring is called the ring of fire, and so this inscription could allude to the loss of the ring, and it’s magical attribute, from the world as it also fell into darkness along with the gray witch. .

However, at the time of lamentation, the elves seemed unaware that Gandalf would return to Middle-earth after death, in the form of Gandalf the White, a wizard of a higher order, with more power and wisdom to help unify the kingdoms and lead to the destruction of the One Ring, and later Evil Lord Sauron and with it. Perhaps Galadriel didn’t see this in her mirror, or perhaps she did, but she knows that it will all reveal itself at the right time for the mission to succeed.

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