What are the main features of 45ft shipping containers? 

It must be said that the 45ft shipping container is the largest standard size sea container available.  It is twice the size and capacity of a 20ft container. Moreover, this type is the second most popular shipping container after its smaller counterpart. In addition to the standard container, the 45ft shipping container is available in two options designed to meet a variety of storage and shipping requirements.

First, there is the 45′ High-Cube container.  This version is slightly taller than a standard 45ft container and is designed to provide more headroom for larger loads. Today there is also an opportunity to buy a used 45ft high cube container!  It is perfect not only for transportation but also for storing things.

There is also a 45ft open container. This type of container has an open roof, usually covered with a strong, removable sheet. The open roof is designed to carry ultra-tall goods that cannot fit in the High-Cube.

Its large size allows the container to carry much more cargo. This makes it very economical to carry large quantities of goods.

In addition to transportation, these containers from PelicanContainers can be used for a wide range of purposes. They can be modified for use in industries such as:

  •  Housing;
  •  Hotel and Leisure;
  •  Mining;
  •  Retail;
  •  Building.

Why do people choose 45ft shipping containers? 

These containers are large; that’s why they can give you more space to store objects or create the type of building you want. If you are looking for the opportunity to transport large goods, then you definitely should buy a used 45ft high cube container.

It should be emphasized that when you buy a previously used container, it has a very positive effect on the environment. Reusing old shipping containers of any size is good for the environment because it reduces the waste of resources.

This container is strong and durable. Like all shipping containers from PelicanContainers, the 45ft shipping container is built to serve.  It will serve you for a long time without requiring much maintenance.

You also need to remember its universality.  Containers can be used for many purposes, from shipping to storage. 

45ft containers are outstanding because of high-quality steel construction with corrugated walls.  They have a strong sea floor and multiple stowage points to secure cargo.

Where are 45ft containers used the most? 

These metal boxes are extremely versatile and can be used for a wide variety of things, such as:

Transportation of goods

These containers are perfect for transporting goods. It is their main usage; they were specifically designed for it. Their rugged construction protects goods from theft, vermin, and physical damage. The 45ft container is especially good for transporting low-density and bulky items. It helps to reduce overall shipping costs.


This container will give you enough space to store your things. They can store just anything, including cars, documents, sports equipment, bikes, tools, etc.


Sea containers can be converted into many structures for non-marine purposes. These containers can be converted into offices, garages, housing, cafés, pop-up stores, swimming pools, etc.

5 ways to use 45ft shipping containers 

You can build a lot with the help of a sea container. Its strength and durability have made it the preferred choice for people looking for a strong yet affordable building material. Almost everywhere you look, there is a structure made from a shipping container.

In addition to being affordable, sea containers can be quickly adapted to new uses! Here are some of the most popular ways of using shipping containers.

Use containers as cold rooms. These containers can be converted into cold storage for perishable food. These cold rooms can be used in fixed locations or placed on trucks to transport goods. This type of construction can be powered by fossil fuels or plugged into an outlet.

You can store goods in a container. These containers, thanks to their very large capacity, are shelved, ventilated and easily converted into high secured stores. Their rugged construction makes it difficult to help keep thieves out, ensuring the safety of your goods.

When you urgently need offices, 45ft shipping containers offer a simple and affordable mobile solution. Their larger size also allows them to be divided into several parts, like rooms, that can be used by different people.

Just a few months of work and a 45ft sea container can be converted into a small house.  It offers affordable housing and greatly reduces construction time.  This is a great option for inexpensive and practical housing for young families. If for some reason you need temporary housing and you have a place where to put it or you want to organize a mobile home that is not considered a capital building. (in some Western European countries do not charge land taxes if the building is not recognized as capital) Containers can also be considered as one of the options, although not the best. 

However, assuming the use of containers as residential modules, it is important to know that such structures have certain features and often exist not as the best, but as a way out or a cost-effective option for a specific purpose (as in the case of mobile office).

Any landowner can buy sea containers and create an attractive building with many advantages. The main advantage of such houses is their affordability. You do not need to spend time and money to buy expensive materials. You can use ready-made designs and modify them to your needs.

Disadvantages of using containers as a house 

We need to underline thermal conductivity. The metal body of the container quickly transfers temperature.  In summer, an uninsulated iron box can be heated in the sun and in winter the cold inside will be the same as outside. The container is not a refrigerator, so the first thing people do inside is the hitting system.

The house can be narrow or low. Since the containers are designed for the transportation of goods by road, rail and sea, their sizes are optimized for easy transportation and storage on different platforms or decks. It is better to use a marine 45ft NC (High Cube) container for a residential module because of its height.

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