What are the latest developments in AI?

 Creating new technological innovations takes a certain process and time.  New achievements are being mastered with increasing speed.  Just a few years ago, artificial intelligence (AI) seemed like a futuristic endeavor that could hardly change us day in and day out in the short term.  However, today it is already a reality that seeks to revolutionize various aspects of our society in the next 5 years.

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  Below are the 5 major advances that will happen in the next 5 years thanks to artificial intelligence:

  Artificial intelligence advances towards learning models based on non-human models

  In 2016, a robot designed to compete in a difficult game was able to beat the world champion with a score of 100 games with zero score.  The most amazing thing about this AlphaGo Zero robot is that it acquired knowledge through a method known as Reinforement Learning, where there is no need to learn from human behavior, but it is capable of generating knowledge from scratch.  Moreover, these learning models allow machines to accumulate knowledge over thousands of years in a matter of hours.  Based on this starting point, who will know what new AlphaGo Zeroes are coming and what they will be capable of.

  Risk for doctors in diagnosis and treatment if they do not use machine learning

  Recently, Chinese and American researchers have developed an artificial intelligence-based system to detect common childhood illnesses, from simple flu to meningitis.  To do this, they collected and processed over 1.3 million records of nearly 600,000 patients.

  Dr. Kang Zhang, director of the Department of Ocular Genetics at the University of California, has created his own system that detects signs of diabetic blindness based on both text and medical images.

  In this sense, experts predict the near future, when doctors will not be able to make any diagnosis without the use of artificial intelligence, because they will not want to miss out on any information.

  Quantum technology will make drug development and testing easier

  Today, chemists and pharmacists base their designs on molecular properties and must synthesize many variables to validate their drugs and predictions.

  Quantum computing can change this cumbersome and costly process.  In this way, numerous designs can be created in parallel, which can be tested using quantum technology.

  Artificial Intelligence Advances Increase Security Vulnerability

  Information systems of protection and security are in various spheres of our society.  Our buildings, our homes, financial institutions, the military, and so on.  However, we already have many examples where these systems were hacked, destroying targets.

  Former President Obama suffered from the distribution of fake videos while in front of the White House, where he was heard saying phrases he never uttered.

  With the advancement of artificial intelligence, these systems are at greater risk of being hacked.

  Advances in atomic precision

  Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing human relationships with materials.  Among other things, it is used to develop new materials for “clean” technologies such as solar panels, batteries, etc.

  Today, according to experts, it takes 15 to 20 years to create a new material.  However, artificial intelligence technology will significantly reduce this time.

  New technological breakthroughs seek to almost completely change the paradigm in which we live.  Thus, we are expected to be the protagonists of various changes in the coming years.  One technology that will drive many of these advances will be artificial intelligence and its many derivatives.

  It is hoped that 5 major changes will occur in the next few years in the following areas: smart robots, medicine and disease prediction, quantum technologies, safety and security systems, and manufacturing systems.

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Huynh Nguyen

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