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Team rotations refer to the order in which abilities are cast in order to maximize DPS performance and adjust character cooldowns.

This is very important in more demanding combat content. And it can easily make the difference between clearing Spiral Abyss and not.

Rotations are also affected by several things – how to effectively stack buffs, energy management, attack combos, and how to prepare for the next rotation. Basically, it can vary greatly between different teams.

Character cooldowns on each team are often around 20-25 seconds.

By casting these characters’ abilities sequentially, their cooldowns also end around the same time – effectively creating a pattern or rotation.

For more popular teams, it’s best to look up guides on them if you want to maximize their damage. And for niche teams, you can definitely try your hand at rotations!

Rotation terminology and how to read it

Morgana team rotation in Spiral Abyss / Genshin Impact
Morgana team rotation in the Spiral Abyss

Genshin rotations typically use shortened words to represent various attacks and abilities. These are pretty basic.

  • Not applicable – Normal Attack
  • APPROX – Charged Attack
  • P – Plunging attack

Other terms used are intended to indicate the character’s movement – namely jump and sprint/sprint.

  • J – Jump
  • D – Dash/Sprint

Finally, combo notations indicate how many times an attack should be performed.

Counting before Attack is the number of times you attack or cast an ability. So for example 2CA means to perform two consecutive charged attacks. Alternatively, you can simply string together several attacks. For example, EEE would mean performing 3 consecutive elemental skills.

Counting after the attack or N# only apply to normal attacks. Characters have a normal attack sequence with several different animations and multipliers. And it can be optimal to perform some attacks from this string while not performing the rest.

For example, “N3” means you only use the first 3 basic attacks of the character’s attack sequence.

Now let’s try to read a rotation combination using these terms.

Here is an example rotation combination for a Ganyu-Venti-Diona-Mona (Morgana) team:

Diona E > Ganyu EQ > Venti EQ > Mona QE > Ganyu 3CA > Repeat

This essentially means:

Diona Skill > Ganyu Skill Burst > Venti Skill Burst > Mona Burst Skill > Ganyu 3 Charged Attacks > Repeat.

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