Weekly horoscope for the week of November 15 according to Cut

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In the early hours of Friday morning, a lunar eclipse in stubborn Taurus rocked the astrological landscape. All eclipses bring major, often unexpected, and desperately needed transformations: They push you in directions you’ve been afraid to go on your own, they force you to think about uncomfortable questions about life. yours which you would ignore if possible. There is no way to exploit eclipse for your own best results, no way to insulate yourself from the change it brings. While Friday may be particularly harsh, its effects will continue to unfold in the days and weeks ahead. The best thing to do is ride the waves, being open to whatever comes next.

You tend to be happiest when you can put all of your fiery energy to work, when you are striving, dreaming, and making plans. It’s hard to slow down and accept that you need to rest. This week, remember that you don’t always have to try to make every day beautiful and enjoyable. The earth will keep spinning and life will go on, even if all you do is sit back and wait. Sometimes the excitement comes with no effort at all, so let it be.

It’s rare to feel like you really know what you’re doing doing with your life, to experience a strong sense of direction and certainty. You can say, without a doubt, when you Not Live the way you really want to – but it’s easy to define Mistake answer, it’s the challenge of a lifetime to find the right answer. However, this week you may understand yourself, your life, your purpose in new ways. No matter how long you’ve been stuck in confusion, some surprising clarity can eventually break through.

Most of the time, you’re skilled at putting things together, keeping your day fresh with new sights, sounds, and experiences. But even you sometimes get stuck in a spinning wheel, dragged down by inertia, by the relentless pressures of everyday life. And when this happens, it can feel almost impossible to get out, to get your old sense of sparkling curiosity back. This week, pay attention to the opportunities that come your way. If you feel trapped, the world will provide you with a way back to the rhythm of life that works for you.

During a long period of hard work or dull repetition, it is easy to find yourself envious of those around you – not because of their achievements, but because their everyday lives seem productive. much more dynamic and interesting. You may begin to imagine that your own thrills have passed, and without even realizing it, you have become constrained and unable to move. If so, this week can show you how untrue that is. It’s never too late for growth, for surprises, for wild and adorable adventure.

When you feel change coming, you have a natural impulse to tighten your grip, hold on to your feet, and stay exactly where you are. And for a while, it is possible to prevent any major fluctuations. In the end, though, it’s inevitable: Cities grow, and people grow, and even your own feelings bend and change. This week, you will be happier if you can let these transformations happen, if you can allow yourself to be true: In the end, they will make your life better than before.

When you’re overwhelmed with all of your responsibilities, it’s important to remember that you have the choice to let some of them go. Be careful to let some of your tasks, projects, collaborations lapse; you can always step out of spaces that bring you nothing but anxiety. A part of your mind may be telling you that this is a failure, that there is never a good reason to give up on anything, but this week, you don’t have to listen to that voice. The time has passed for self-sacrifice: You are allowed to want more for yourself.

You are extremely adept at sensing what others want and giving it to them, providing exactly the kind of support or kindness or cheerfulness that those you love most need. And so when friends’ needs change without warning, it can be destabilizing. When the patterns that once held relationships together take a sudden turn, you start to wonder what you have to offer. This week, try not to panic if the people you love are developing new hobbies, new plans. Your friends won’t forget about you, won’t suddenly stop caring. Relationships can change without breaking down.

There are secrets you thought you would never reveal, feelings you thought you would never tell, ideas you thought you would continue to grow forever in secrecy. of your mind. In a way, it’s tempting to imagine what will forever be a strange and self-contained mystery. This week, however, you cannot continue to hide the best parts of yourself. Your idea is growing beyond what you can accommodate and this is not a bad thing. Let your thoughts blossom into action. The universe has the power to change you, but you also have the power to change it.

No one can be intentional in their actions all of time. Sometimes, there’s only one tick to make a decision: not enough time to think, just to react. However, most of the time, it To be can think about the ways you move in the world. This week, even if your day gets hectic, even though there’s always less time than you’d like, try to remember that there are options available to you. And the more you can base those choices not on what’s most convenient in the moment, but on what you actually If you want to last, then there are better days ahead.

Usually, you try to avoid sentimentality at all costs: It is better to be harsh, even to the point of harshness, than to risk indulging in naive optimism. The problem with this is that there are times, even in this difficult world, when you to be provide moments of true tenderness. Sometimes, true love likely to surprise you. This week, certain relationships will prove themselves so solid and worth the pain, so meaningful that you can, at least for a while, let your heart soften. out despite everything.

Sometimes, taking care of yourself seems like an unworthy pursuit. Your vision is set on larger goals, of healing, understanding, or reimagining the universe. But this week, even if you want to do something bigger, try focusing on the small and weird project of your life. Try to eat and drink and rest and dream as much as you need; Try not to be too hard on yourself. Trust that there are still important moments to come in your life, moments greater than anything you can imagine today, and right now your job is just to get through. .

Recently, your obligations have become heavier and more exhausting than ever. Even the work you do for you would like – creative projects that speak to your soul, or caregiving work you do out of pure, selfless love – can feel unkind. But even if your efforts seem like an endless slogan, they still produce results that are more important, necessary, and beautiful than you realize in the moment. Finally, this week you may receive some new energy and affirmation that all your days of precariousness are after all worth it.

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