We do not ‘reward’ separated families

How much is your child worth? What is the value you place on your family?

What if The US government has kidnapped your child? What if you and your child both have many years of pain because of separation, and your family never recovered? What if you were contemplating suicide, or even tried to do it?

Are you going to come down and pay cash for, say, $450,000? Too low? Name your price.

Maybe you find the whole question annoying. Many Americans seem deeply offended by media reports that the Biden Justice Department is negotiating legal settlements with hundreds of immigrant families who are suing the U.S. government for their children — including including toddlers and infants—caught by Uncle Sam at the US-Mexico border during the Trump administration.

When asked about those reports last week, President Biden first stated that they were “junk” and “untrue”. Less than 24 hours later, Biden was on board, emphasizing that the families were due for compensation — though perhaps not the $450,000 figure that is widely given.

“If in fact, because of the outrageous behavior of the last administration, you cross the border, whether legally or illegally, and you lose your child,” he said, “you deserve compensation, regardless of how the situation. “

The families are being represented by attorneys for the American Civil Liberties Union, who have been meticulous in documenting the disgusting abuses these poor people have suffered because of the impossible sin. Forgive is wanting to be part of the American melting furnace.

For example, the Trump administration has never made any efforts to notify parents or children of either party’s whereabouts. In some cases, it takes months or up to a year before parents and children are reunited. And even if it does, the child often doesn’t recognize the parent and is timid to the touch. Other parents never see their children again, because their children are in foster care.

Even as attorneys, jury consultants, law professors and former federal proceduralists say a payment of nearly half a million dollars could be a bargain compared to letting jurors decide. When it comes to determining the value of a family, there are still Americans who stubbornly say “No way, Jose! “They were outraged by the idea that even a nickel would be given to any illegal immigrant, no matter how seriously wronged they were.

What offends me – and it offends all of us – is the idea that it is dollars and cents, not cruelty and incompetence, that have enraged many of our countrymen. rage.

Thousands of migrant families — including some from Central America seeking asylum — were apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border, and their children arrested and caged. No attorneys, no hearings, no immigration judges. Just a grab and grab.

When critics insist that all these people come here “illegally,” they have no idea what the hell they’re talking about.

The asylum application process is 100% legal. Whether the Trump administration makes those statements to a hearing or not is irrelevant. We don’t know if these people are legal or illegal, undocumented or refugees. We will never know.

It reminds me of what the George W. Bush administration did to US citizens who were suspected of terrorism after the September 11 attacks. It declared them “soldiers of the enemy” ” so that they could be tortured without the protections of the Geneva Conventions or the US Constitution.

That is cheating. The US government cannot modify this game, to escape responsibility for human abuse.

Family segregation of migrants is a clear policy of both the Obama and Trump administrations. Both are guilty of breaking up families at the border — Obama in 2014 and Trump in 2018. But Trump and his vampire attorney general, Jeff Sessions, are more honest and open about it. , said publicly that the child abduction was intended to “prevent” future migrants from making the trek north.

Worse, Trump et al. never planned to reunite the family. They can’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again. But whether they realize it or not, they took responsibility for all these children when they ripped them from their parents’ chests.

In many cases — as many as 5,500 cases, according to the ACLU — the parents are deported and the child remains in the United States, in detention facilities, or placed in a care facility to be raised by strangers. There have also been horrifying reports of children being sexually assaulted in custody, including by sentinels working for US taxpayers. Even today, under the Biden administration, thousands of children are still held in detention facilities run by the Department of Health and Human Services.

This horror show is happening on our coin. Sleep with that, America.

Even after hearing all of the above, many Americans just shrug. Not obscured. Do not care. Not moving.

But when it comes to money, how likely is it for these families to get a big settlement because of their debts — and guilt — and what happens? Those same Americans followed the ballistics path.

Shoot out of it, folks. This is not a misrepresentation of possible awards by the jury or the practice of “rewarding” which may or may not be illegal. This isn’t even about money, even if that’s all some people see.

It’s certainly not about what some Republicans claim it is: encouraging future illegal immigration. That’s stupid. What parent in their mind would see any of this rampant abuse as an incentive to do anything but jump the bridge?

This is about ethics. Americans are facing a moral crisis.

What happened to the libertarians who “wake up” to play a good game about benevolence and the pursuit of social justice? Where did they go?

What about the law and order conservatives who preach accountability and take responsibility for our mistakes? Has anyone seen them?

Our government has made an unspeakable mistake. Shame on us if we don’t try to get it right. Money is not enough. But that’s all we have to offer these poor people, along with remorse and remorse for what should have been a shameful nation.

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