WATCH: Tucker Carlson blasts the media for their disgusting propaganda about Kyle Rittenhouse

“There is a difference between lies and propaganda, know what it is,” Carlson began in his Wednesday night monologue.

“All propaganda is a lie, but not lying is propaganda. What is the difference between the two? Think about moments in your life when you lied. Most of the time you do it because you did something that you are ashamed of and that you hope no one finds out about. When you get caught, it’s usually the truth. So someone tells you, you are a drunkard. You say, no, I’m not coming, I just had three beers. But you’re actually drinking eight beers. You’re lying, that’s the lie,” he continued.

“Propaganda is different from that,” explains Carlson.

“It is not a cover-up, propaganda is a complete reversal of the truth. You are drunk, someone told you. No, I am not, you replied, you are drunk. You’ve got eight beers. I am disgusted by your drunkenness. That’s what propaganda looks like. It is the mirror image of reality, the complete opposite of the truth, and it is always presented with fierce ferocity. Something about the human brain comes to that conclusion and it always has. That’s why propaganda has always been a sponsor of peer society. January 6 is an armed uprising, they shouted. Russia is the real threat. The 2020 election was completely fair. That is all truth. We could give you elaborate examples of this in action and he would recognize each of them, but here’s an example from today’s headlines, ‘Kyle Rittenhouse is a white supremacist’. You’re hearing that claim constantly from media figures and politicians as a matter of fact in case anyone cares, it’s a lie. ” Carlson said before exposing the media about the liars they are.

“There is no evidence that Kyle Rittenhouse is a white supremacist, whatever that term means. There is no racial angle in this story. Of the four people directly involved in the Kyle Rittenhouse shooting, all four are white. You may not like Kyle Rittenhouse, but if you are an honest person you will have to admit that racism has nothing to do with what he did, how is that possible? Why would a white supremacist shoot a white man? It doesn’t even make sense. That doesn’t slow them down,” he added.

Watch his full monologue below:

“Pay attention to the framework of the conversation,” continued Carlson.

“The NBC propaganda doesn’t call him a white supremacist, you can’t do that. Things that are certain to happen only a few hours before the combination of facts are new. It doesn’t help that Kyle Rittenhouse has ugly views on race,” he added before exposing the disgusting racial lies from MSNBC.

“Everybody paying at a time of stress knows that all too well. Instead of making a direct request, the NBC news liar surreptitiously extended the question. “Are you worried about other people who used to be white militiamen?” Wait a minute, other white militiamen? What exactly are you talking about? She never told us what she was talking about, that’s not the point. She gave her candidate, Joe Biden, the chance to take it from there. That’s the point of the setup. Biden continues to call for protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, from years ago that have nothing to do with anything that happened in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in the summer of 2020. But they don’t need to connect with each other, the problem is obvious. Everyone watching understands the problem. The problem is that Kyle Rittenhouse is a dangerous racist. And whoever defends Kyle Rittenhouse is probably a dangerous racist too. See how it works? Carlson concludes. WATCH: Tucker Carlson blasts the media for their disgusting propaganda about Kyle Rittenhouse

Huynh Nguyen

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