Watch: Riots erupt before Kim Potter’s trial

The new riots in Minneapolis, Minnesota, are a memorable reminder that post-pandemic America doesn’t have much in common with the nation it was just a short time ago.

Worse than the crushing fatigue that has caused a civilization to wear down after months of COVID-19 and new restrictions omicron variant hysteria was the collective horror of watching the destruction of American cities inside and out.

It is not just the daily deterioration of life through increased crime, homelessness and use narcotic in those cities, but rather deep pockets of violence and anarchy emerge whenever a vaguely appropriate narrative to justify it emerges.

Such was the case in Minneapolis, where riots broke out again during the jury selection process in the case against the former Brooklyn Center police officer, Minneapolis. Kim Potter who accidentally shot and killed 20-year-old Daunte Wright during a traffic stop in April, Washington Post reported.

Full-body camera footage from the incident seems to make it clear that Potter, who is white, mistook her gun for a crucible and used it against Wright, who was black, while he was in the process. tried to flee from the scene was arrested under pending orders to stop traffic.


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“I took the wrong gun,” Potter was heard to admit shortly after the incident. “I killed a boy.”

The 49-year-old veteran officer later resigned and was charged with manslaughter, both in the first and second degrees, ensuring that she would face legal consequences.

It may seem like a tragic but honest mistake, rather than a case of police brutality or a murder by race, but that hasn’t stopped Black Lives Matter from encouraging civil unrest. return.

Do you think America has undergone a dramatic, permanent change since 2020?

“Breaking: In downtown Minneapolis at a #BLM rally against former officer Kim Potter, rioters attacked and chased a vehicle across the street,” said Andy Ngo, editor-in-chief of Post Millenial, tweeted with footage from Tuesday’s incident.

Video emerged showing a group of rioters trying to stop a vehicle traveling through the area, with some protesters pulling open the doors of the moving vehicle while another man rode on the roof until when the vehicle fled safely.

Unfortunately, this type of outbreak has been the norm in cities since the spring of 2020 – mainly because it has been picked up by politicians and ask permission by base media as a fight against racial injustice.

But while that may be said to be true in other cases, it seems that the truth of this particular case of opening and closing doesn’t prove it at all.


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Wright is not a chorus boy who stops just because there is one air cooler hung on his rearview mirror as the original narrative had falsely reported.

Instead, he was a seasoned criminal who allegedly committed a crime, among other crimes, a shooting left another man in a vegetative state.

That doesn’t mean he deserves to die at the hands of the police, but it does break the whole myth that has always been placed on people in these cases.

Ngo tried to push back on the story of Wright’s martyrdom by listing the young man’s past shortly after he was killed by Potter in April, although the recent violence suggests it doesn’t matter as much. to those who oppose.

“The latest #BLM violence near Minneapolis as a result of police shooting #DaunteWright,” Ngo said of the volatile situation at the time.

“He was wanted on warrant when he tried to escape by car. He was shot and drove for a short distance before crashing into another person. His FB is flooded with signs of gang, drug use and showing off money,” the journalist pointed out, accompanied by social media photos allegedly of Wright.

The justice system has dealt with Potter’s actions, and aside from the human cost of this tragedy, the story doesn’t seem to have anything left to warrant unrest or riot – if at all. such an excuse.

But this is now on par with the course in American cities, and Democratic government little desire to refrain from such actions.

They will stand by their side when their city is overtaken, burned, and terrorized as long as the right kind of killer who is doing it.

This country has become unrecognizable in less than two years, and it is even harder to argue that it was unintentional.

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