Watch: Joy Reid Lies, Calls for Inflation Nothing More than a GOP buzzword

Joy Reid, one of those biased MSNBC hacks that Bill Maher may have mentioned in his comments about media bias, never let truth or rationality get in the way of a good story, as seen recently in her comments. on CRT and “missing white woman syndrome. ”

But one of her latest segments may have outgrown her predecessors. In it, she states that the massive inflation that Americans are struggling with right now is nothing more than a “GOP buzzword.” Watch her fool herself here:

In the video, for those who can’t bear to watch, MSNBC’s Joy Reid dismisses the economic pain Americans are facing right now amid rising inflation. She calls it like Report of News Busters, “One “Popular Band” by the Republicans “Wants you to believe the economy is not doing well” when it “not bad” and everyone “Also spending a record amount of money.

And what does she use to back up her absurd claim? Nothing more than a tweet from White House Chief of Staff and Twitter resident Ron Klain. For Joy Reid, the Twitter feed of the White House apparatus is better proof than many reports, including the government. separate CPI report, which is the detail of the current state of great inflation in the US.

In the video, she also says Republicans jump into the usual inflation campaign, ignoring all signs of a return to the US economy. Senator Elizabeth Warren joins me next with facts about our economy. ”

Then she added Republicans want you to believe that the economy is not doing well, which is terrible. In reality, however, the unemployment rate is at its lowest level since before the pandemic began.and, haphazardly, claim that despite the fact that [p]higher races, that’s good because Americans are also spending a record pent-up amount during the pandemic, which economics 101 will tell you is driving up prices, aka inflation.. ”

So, according to Reid, because we have to spend more on goods due to inflation and are doing so, inflation should not be an issue. Obviously, if we all had to spend trillions of Zimbabwe dollars on milk, that wouldn’t matter because we would be spending “a record amount”.

But Reid didn’t end it with that ridiculous, puzzling argument. She went on to blame consumers for the lack of confidence in the economy:

[T]The conflict between how much we want to spend and how quickly we can get it is contributing to many Americans feeling pessimistic about the economy. Consumer confidence hits a decade low[.]

Like me recent reportRasmussen polls show consumer confidence is at its lowest in decades, largely thanks to Bid Inflation. In fact, consumer confidence has dropped by around 7% in the last month alone! Perhaps it was because of the higher prices that Reid thought was a good thing.

However, Reid did not stop with ridiculous comments. After blaming consumers for distrust of the economy’s strength in an inflationary environment, she went on to say “So the economy is not bad. It’s just that people are going crazy because it’s late and everything costs a little more.” Obviously, goods arrive later than expected and higher costs do not reflect a bad economy. The average person who pays more each time they go to the grocery store, or who has been waiting in a car for months, probably wouldn’t agree.

However, Reid cannot accept reality, instead she introduces a false reality where Republicans only worry about inflation because they want power: “[T]the fact that like you said, you know, what they say has nothing to do with reality because they want to take back power[.]”

Elizabeth Warren agrees, adding this during discussion gas price speed up:

This is not about inflation. This is a matter of pricing for these guys. So I understand it. When we see prices go up, we are all concerned and Republicans want to get in and just try to understand one topic about this economy, but we have to pay attention to the fact that people like the oil companies say I think it’s just another opportunity to make a profit and we need to appeal to them about it.”

So both are illusions. Prices are rising and that doesn’t reflect a right-wing conspiracy, as Hillary Clinton might say, but Biden’s mismanagement and serious economic trouble. Watch: Joy Reid Lies, Calls for Inflation Nothing More than a GOP buzzword

Huynh Nguyen

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