Was Robert Kennedy Responsible for Marilyn Monroe’s Death?

There’s a series of shocking revelations in Netflix’s explosive new docuseries The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Inaudible Tape. For example, Marilyn Monroe was sexually obsessed with her absent father. Serious. More than anything in the world, one of her close friends says in the film, Monroe has always expressed a desire to sleep with her father.

“She said she wanted to put on a black wig, pick her father up at a bar, let him have sex with her,” her friend Henry Rosenfeld recalls near the beginning of the film. “And then she would say, ‘Well, now how does it feel to have a girl you’ve made love to?’

It’s weird, but it’s not the most heartbreaking story Ice Unheard dig up the late movie star. The doc features never-before-seen interviews with those who know her best, combining them with research into Monroe’s entire life and stardom. It bases itself on her death, cutting through the biggest conspiracy theories — the Kennedys’ involvement, the Communist Party, etc. — to find the truth about what happened.

Unlike many conspiracy theorists, Anthony Summers (author of Goddess, Marilyn Monroe’s Secret Life) came to an unequivocal conclusion based on his findings, and the results were shocking. Based on his interview, the film hinted that the Kennedys were involved in the superstar’s death.

After getting over her relationship with Joe DiMaggio, Ice Unheard connects Monroe to both Robert and John F. Kennedy. Hildi and Joan Greenson – wife and daughter of Monroe’s psychiatrist – describe a “feminine talk” with Monroe, in which the icon chats about a new man she meets known as “the General” army”.

This is Attorney General Robert Kennedy, who began her relationships with the famous political family. Actor and sociologist Peter Lawford took his time to “seduce the Kennedys,” he said, which led to a connection between Monroe and the pair of brothers.

“Don’t you think the two brothers are sharing the same woman?” Summers asked Jeanne Martin, wife of Dean Martin, who used to attend Kennedy parties.

“I do,” she replied, without hesitation.

This brotherhood — try not to shudder at the thought of it — is just the beginning. Because of the feud between union leader Jimmy Hoffa and the Kennedys, the film alleges that there are “a lot of tapes” of Monroe and JFK “in the sex scene,” and that there are even more clips that include Robert’s involvement. On the tapes, the film depicts Monroe being caught doing “loving talk”, “undressing her” and “having sex in bed”.

This seems to be an open secret in Hollywood. However, tensions continued to rise as Monroe’s suspected ties to the Communist Party began to come under fire. Fearing that Monroe would reveal their political conversations, the Kennedys cut all ties with the star.

“That’s what killed her,” longtime friend Arthur James said hauntingly. “I don’t care what other people say. It’s the beginning of the last day, if you will. ”

Ice Unheard then delve into the details of Monroe’s death. Was Monroe on her side? Is she back? When is the call to 911 made? It led to a big reveal: Robert Kennedy was said to be there, along with Monroe, at the time of her death.

The doctor told every step of the way during the evening that Monroe died. The public version of her death does not align with other accounts. Her housekeeper, for example, offered one version of the story, but investigators found holes in details like Monroe’s final resting location, whether she went to the hospital, or not. hospital or not and where exactly she died.

According to the film, the FBI is working to clear Monroe’s death from any controversy. “My husband made it up,” the widow of Marilyn Monroe’s PR rep said, recalling the night her husband was kicked out of the Hollywood Bowl to deal with Marilyn’s death. “Don’t forget, it’s his job to keep the press away. He made everyone admire him.”

The FBI “knew they didn’t want Bobby Kennedy’s name included in this.” According to law enforcement informant Harry Hall, Monroe’s death later became a “covert” operation.

The most cursed segment of the document comes from Monroe’s housekeeper, Eunice Murray. After confirming the “important part” the Kennedys played in Monroe’s life, Murray alleges that Robert Kennedy visited the actress on the day of her death. “Oh, sure,” she said. “And it got so sticky that Robert Kennedy’s defenders, you know, had to step in there and protect him.”

Ice Unheard provided evidence that Robert Kennedy was in Los Angeles on the night of her death. And Summers was convincing in his interview: “The evidence shows that [her death] was covered up because of her relationship with the Kennedys. “

The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Inaudible Tape will premiere on Netflix on April 27.

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