Warzone’s CoD Ghosts cosmetics should be the first step towards a sequel

After release Call of Duty: Vanguard, the Call of Duty: Warzone The market has been updated to include some special packages for New operators added. For the most part, these packages cover exactly what players expect. World War 2 era outfits are also included, with some flashy weapon designs and out-of-the-box finishing touches also available.

However, while the majority of Call of Duty: Warzone the items are in the book, two specific packages will attract the attention of longtime users Call of Duty fan. In particular, the Skull Collector and Measure For Measure feature items are equipped with Call of the ghost quest skull icon. While these are clearly just some harmless nods to the 2013 game, they’re also a reminder of how much can be achieved with a sequel.


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Call of Duty: Warzone’s CoD Ghosts Pack


It should be noted that the packages mentioned are not strictly themed Call of the ghost quest. They do not come with the charm of Riley or blueprints designed to resemble the game’s favorite Honey Badger Assault Rifle. Instead, the symbol Call of the ghost quest skull features in two different skin layers. While this is a subtle nod to the 2013 game, it’s also unmistakable, as any other skull designs could have been used for the skins in question.

The first package is called Measure for Measure, which is really a nod to Marvel Characters The Punisher. The Wade operator is given a makeover to look more like Frank Castle, with a black leather jacket worn along with some bullet patches. While there’s a skull amulet and some skull-themed accessories like spray cans and emblems, the real star of the show is the coat. On the back of the suit, a white skull is included that clearly resembles that of The Punisher. However, with the crossover being unofficial, another skull design was used for the design – that’s where Call of the ghost quest The icon works.

The remaining skin is part of the Skull Collector Pro Pack and is included for free COD Score, many fans are likely to buy and use this skin. This skin makes Call of the ghost quest clearer connection. During that campaign, the Ghosts special operations team wore masks with skull symbols. The same mask appears on Roland’s skin, with the only difference being that it’s orange instead of white. As a result, players will likely think back to the 2013 game when wearing costumes – and cosmetics could remind players why a sequel is worth it.

Why Call of Duty: Ghosts 2 would be a good thing

the name of the mission in 2021

While Call of the ghost quest imperfect and many fans were quick to complain about some aspects of the game, the sequel could keep what works and fix what doesn’t. One of the main reasons One Call of the ghost quest next part needed to be a key player in the campaign. Although the problematic writing and acting may have prevented the story mode from reaching the peak of the first two Black Ops title or original Modern War trilogy, story fans have been waiting for the end of Logan and Rorke for eight years now. After all, it’s hard not to be disappointed by an ending that promises many more stories to follow, but never ends.

Besides an original pick-and-place campaign Call of the ghost quest leave, it would be nice to see Extinction come back. In light of the lackluster attempts at recreating Treyarch’s Zombie mode seen in games like Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, has Extinction, a unique mode that allows the player to take on Cryptids. Players went through a series of highly replayable missions that saw them take on various aliens, with special boss battles and unique classes to keep the gameplay going. always fresh. While most liked the circular style seen in most Zombies experiences, the missions and the aliens within them made for a unique experience.

A new version of Extinction can help the Call of Duty Franchising avoid Zombies fatigue, giving fans a break from the mode to switch to a very different co-op approach. However, as always, winning multiplayer rights will be important. Fortunately, newer titles have shown that the mistakes of Call of the ghost quest can be easily repaired. Bland palettes can look a lot better thanks to the IW8 engine, like Call of Duty: Modern WarfareThe actual look of was working perfectly. More importantly, the huge map of Call of the ghost quest won’t be a problem if Call of Duty: VanguardThe combat’s tempo has been used. Despised locations like Stonehaven could make a comeback, becoming fan favorites thanks to the paced combat, adding more players to populate larger maps.

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Why Call of Duty: Ghosts 2 is not likely to happen

The plot for the 2022 Call of Duty is said to have leaked online.

However, while watching live Call of the ghost quest will satisfy fans of the campaign and fix the multiplayer problems of the original, it’s hard to imagine that ever becoming a reality. Aside from the not-so-well-received 2013 title, Infinity Ward is full of works. Call of Duty 2022 is all but confirmed as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, a sequel to the 2019 reboot. It can be assumed that Infinity Ward’s 2025 title will end with a new one. Modern War so is the trilogy, so even if the studio wanted to make Call of the ghost quest, the year 2028 will be the earliest that can happen.

Given that the original game came out so long ago and the next game released after many years will make the gap between them even bigger, the games played Call of the ghost quest and want more would have probably forgotten a lot about it. Many others will never have played the first game by the time the sequel might arrive, making it seem like a pipe dream. While the sequel could technically be assigned to Sledgehammer Games or Treyarch, the former seems more interested in One Call of Duty: Vanguard follow up, while the second will probably continue to work for a long time Black Ops sub-sector.

Unfortunately, these Call of Duty: Warzone cosmetics will likely be the closest players have ever come to a long-requested sequel. With the original game so divisive, and growing older with each passing year, it will likely remain the black sheep of the series. While it’s nice to stay optimistic, especially with the latest market packs paying homage to the game, gamers may want to give up hope for more Extinction or some answers. campaign words. Although brand new cosmetics should lead to a Call of the ghost quest revival, it is very difficult for them to do so.

Call of Duty: Warzone Available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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