Warzone should consider adding NPCs like Fortnite

Call of Duty: Warzone are in rough condition at the moment. The game has a lot of bugs like the demon texture glitching, being tamed weapons like Cooper Carbine, and cheaters use the vehicle to kill their opponents. Playlist changes have let gamers down, Season 2 has been delayed, and even cosmetics like Attack the giant bundle has created controversy.

With so many problems, some players made drastic suggestions about ways the game could change. Some have proposed moving from Caldera and bringing Verdansk back, while others have pushed Call of Duty: Warzone next part. While both of these are unlikely to materialize, it’s clear that players aren’t satisfied with the state of the game and would like to see some significant changes. One change that has yet to be proposed is the addition of NPCs, although there is still a case for making additions, as it could bring some freshness to the struggling battle royale game.


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How NPCs can improve Call of Duty: Warzone


One of the most common criticisms of Caldera is that the map is boring, with content creators like TimTheTatman saying it “feels dead”. Some players have come up with it favorite spot for Caldera to help make it feel more like the map is going on, as the areas around the Volcano are essentially filled with empty space. However, NPCs are another valid solution to give the pacific map some extra personality.

While Fortnite may not be for everyone, there is no denying that the game has a lot of personality. Along with construction, NPCs are an important part of what makes a battle royale game unique. These characters can be found in the locations named above Fortniteof the island, and they serve several purposes. Some can be hired to fight alongside players, some sell rare items, and others provide quests. Fortnite player complete.

These same systems will work wonders in Call of Duty: Warzone, especially given the huge list of Operators the game can pull out. If NPCs are added to the game, players can find iconic characters like Captain Price or Frank Woods all over the map. These characters can sell ammo at a cheaper price killstreaks like Cluster Strikes and UAVs, or offer special contracts that can be completed with large amounts of XP and exclusive blueprints. Like in Fortnite, players can also spend money to hire NPCs to accompany them as they move from circle to circle.

One Fortnite The NPC feature will translate particularly well to Call of Duty: Warzone are dueling. In Fortnite, the player can challenge certain NPCs to a fight, with the winter getting some powerful loot from the AI ​​enemies. A heavily armored version of Alex Mason can reward the player with the special Salvation pistol he used in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War such as the campaign, giving the player a reason to join a challenging war. The addition of NPCs will immediately give players a lot to do in the match, and AI characters can make seasonal events a lot more varied and interesting.

Obviously, not everyone wants to join the NPC if they come Call of Duty: Warzone. So, Raven software will need more rated playlists that remove NPCs and provide Call of Duty: Warzone experience. If the right steps are taken, NPCs coming to the game can be a good thing, making Caldera and the entire game so much more memorable. While the feature is unlikely to ever come to the game, as there’s no indication that NPCs are active, the addition of AI-controlled characters will immediately shake things up for the game. with a game in dire need of some changes.

Call of Duty: Warzone Available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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