Warzone makes a big change to the Gulag with the Pacific Map

Call of Duty: Warzone announces major changes to Gulag with the upcoming Pacific map, affecting how players approach their second chances.

the call of the pacific war zone mission

Call of Duty: Warzone has grown significantly in the past two years, but the beginnings of Call of Duty: VanguardThe first season could bring the biggest changes ever. In addition to a brand new map, Call of Duty: WarzoneThe Pacific season transforms the way the Gulag operates in an interesting way.

Anyone who has played Battlefield will likely experience the Gulag, the iconic place where players who die on the main map have a chance to redeem themselves and gain a second life. Two players are dropped into the Gulag with random weapons and battle, the winner is returned to the main game and the loser is officially terminated. However, winning in the Gulag doesn’t get the player too far, as they return with nothing but a pistol and have to scour again for the loot, which as the match progresses, becomes become a much more difficult task. As Battlefield it’s him, The Gulag itself has undergone many changes, with the most recent being the return of the original but slightly modified Gulag map.


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With the beginning of Call of Duty: WarzonePacific season, a limited-time Gulag mechanic is returning. Instead of starting from scratch after winning the Gulag, players will return to the main map with the weapons used in their 1v1 fight. Call of DutyJames Mattone of James Mattone writes in an official blog post, “Gulag now gives you more than a second chance to win. When Battlefield The Pacific Ocean drops, any player who wins the Gulag returns with the weapon – or weapon – and lethal equipment given to them in that deadly duel. ” Battlefield‘s Iron Trials 84’, Call of Duty continues to remind players that ammunition is also brought in after winning the Gulag, so players should try to use it as efficiently as possible.

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Iron Trials 84′ is a limited time mode in Warzone that ran earlier this year. Aside from the Gulag change, almost every aspect of the Battlefield the experience has been modified in one way or another, from the damage modifier, to the loot distribution and the services of the Buying Station. Fans liked the game mode so much that a petition was sent to Raven Software to make it a permanent product. Unfortunately it’s not kept in the main list of modes, but Raven Software has put Iron Trials 84′ in custom games, live game mode on a different form.

It will be interesting to see where fans fall into the Gulag’s shift when it lands Battlefield. Despite being a pretty famous mechanic from the 84′ Iron Trials mode, it’s still built into the main mode Battlefield Game mode may not be suitable for some players. Consider how bad some of the other changes in the Gulag’s past are, like Complex map of Part 3, perhaps this change will make players happy. If anything, it doesn’t change how the Gulag action works from moment to moment, just the weapons the winner has when they are returned to the main game.

Call of Duty: WarzoneThe Pacific section begins December 8 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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