Warframe’s new war expansion aims to set MMOs for 2022 and beyond

Warframe is setting up for one of the most anticipated and ambitious stories but when New War released later this month. After years of being introduced, the upcoming content of the free-to-play MMO Digital Extremes will allow players to role-play a number of new characters (in addition to acting as Tenno) to experience the fighting first-hand. And while the New War has begun, it sets the stage for 2022 and beyond as Digital Extremes looks to the future of the post-New War world in the years to come.

New War It’s the biggest story extension in itself Warframe since the launch of the MMO in 2013. Set in the Tenno tasked with protecting the Origin System from the Sentient threat, DE promises to take players on a journey that will see Tennos overcome a The story is emotional and full of ups and downs along the way.

While in TennoCon earlier this year We’ve seen a number of games, during a press preview last week, Rebecca Ford of Digital Extremes reminded the press that the game shown was never really from the Tenno’s point of view. Instead, the gameplay introduces some of the first truly in-game glimpses of the cinematic story told from the perspective of some of the playable characters that are at the heart of the game. New War of conspiracy.

Players will see New War takes place from the point of view of Kahl-175, Veso, as well as Teshin as they aim to uncover the motives of the Tenno’s former mentor and companion, The Lotus. As previously revealed, the upcoming update will over 30 hours of content off – free – continue the story for the player.

During the preview event, we saw some games from the early stages of New War, saw a massive battle in space with the new Frame, Caliban, piloting a Railjack. On board is Teshin, one of the upcoming playable characters, whose perspective will tell the story of New War, help Tenno along. It’s clear that while these new characters are central to the narrative, Digital Extremes wants to make it clear that you as the Tenno will also be in the action during the ongoing conflict.

The action begins when the Railjack pilot is in the air with many of the Sentient ships in the system, although when the ship I boarded, the Tenno dropped the ship’s positions to protect it from the inside. The crew of Railjack, as well as Teshin himself, got in on the action, and we got to see the new Warframe in action for the first time.

Speaking of the new Warframe, New War Bring the newest Frame to join the list: Caliban. This frame is actually a Sentient-Warframe hybrid, built from the ruins of the Old War. Caliban sign Warframe’s 48NS Warframe is playable, its passive Adaptive Armor gives allies in Afinity range increased resistance to the kind of damage dealt to them – pretty cool when you think about it.

Also, Hybrid Frame has some great gravity defying moves, such as Sentient Wrath. This new skill shoots a wave in a cone in front of the player, killing several and lifting the survivors into the air, ragdoll fashion. This makes them easy prey for the Tenno and their allies to get the job done.

Another new Caliban ability is Razor Gyre, which sends the Tenno into a deadly spiral, charging towards helpless enemies. Gyre also joins forces with the Sentient Wrath, causing enemies affected by Razor Gyre to suffer a large explosion.

The Hybrid Frame can also summon Sentients with Lethal Progeny. These teammates can narrowly deal damage and even restore your shield.

Finally, Caliban has the Fusion Strike skill, which fires three beams of energy that converge to a point, exploding when that happens. Anyone caught in the explosion but not yet killed will find their armor stripped from them, making them easy to pick up.

Warframe Caliban

As with all major updates in Warframe, a new Prime Access Framework will be introduced with New War. This time it’s the Harrow Prime Warframe, which delivers some powerful firepower with the Knell Prime Pistol and the Scourge Prime shotgun.

Continuing before New War, Warframe looking to help players catch up and get into action when New War Released on December 15thNS. This is through Prime Resurgence Program, which shows players can build a Prime Warframe’s arsenal on a weekly rotation. This is via the in-game currency known as the Aya (or you can buy your way into the Main Frame through the premium Regal Aya). It’s a fun way to help players prepare for what’s to come New War, as well as a target for new players just jumping into the Space Opera for some great Warframes to add to their collection.

Indeed, since the launch of the next-generation version last year of Warframe, as well as complete crossplay and cross progress in the MMO coming out next year, Digital Extremes seems ready to bring their MMO into the next decade. It’s been more than eight years since Warframe debut and New War There is an air of a new beginning.

This is what Rebecca mentioned in the press presentation. 2022 and beyond is set with the expectation that players are done New War Cinematic story and is venturing into a new era of Warframe It feels. A place where story arcs will be tackled, but more will be opened up for players in the months and years to come. Warframe.

It’s fun to watch, and the culmination of years of teasing and storytelling. Since then original tease returns at TennoCon 2018What did the players expect? New War will bring, and that wait will soon end when the next chapter in Warframe the story will hit on December 15NS on all platforms simultaneously. Warframe’s new war expansion aims to set MMOs for 2022 and beyond


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