Want to revisit the Hobbit movies? Watch the animated version of the ’70s instead

Many fans of Tolkien’s universe are eager to see any new content released set in the world of Middle-earth. However, fans often ignore Rankin / Bass’s Hobbits because it’s old movies, animated and created to be suitable for kids and families. Although the film is 44 years old and, therefore, less flashy than the 2012-2014 films, it still stays true to the original story and adds new elements and approaches to the story. Fans who really appreciate the chance to immerse themselves in Tolkien’s world will likely appreciate some of the qualities the film has to offer.


Since it was created, do justice to Tolkien’s Hobbits is the goal. When Rankin was asked about the film’s story, he stated that he wouldn’t add anything to the story that wasn’t in the original. He even made the decision to open the film on a book page – setting it up like a children’s story is being read to the viewer.

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Even the style in which the film is animated is intended to do justice to the original story. It’s one thing that audiences keep commenting on about this movie. Even though Viewers either love the animation or hate it, is undeniably one of the factors that make this film stand out and memorable. Despite a great deal of effort trying to stay true to Tolkien’s narrative, it’s inevitable that with any adaptation, some slight differences, aside from animation, are still present. The first example of this is when Gandalf shows up at Bilbo’s house and appears as a scary and mysterious figure. In the book, their meeting is light and playful.

Bilbo_Dwarf_journey_The Hobbit_1977

Moreover, Bilbo himself seems to like little a Hobbit in his own wayand more like an innocent child in this animated feature, capable of pushing the story forward faster. The biggest difference, however, is Beorn’s lack of character. Beorn, whose skin changes can take the form of a bear, does not appear in this adaptation. This is likely in the interest of timing as while his character certainly adds an element of fantasy to the story, he is not quite as important to the larger plot.

Those details aside, any variations between books and cartoons is small and in no way deviates from the story. In fact, the details of the film make fans of Tolkien’s story much more compelling than the details that differ from the original. First, what might be the most compelling thing about the movie is the music made for it. Animated 1977 Hobbit the film certainly stays true to the musicality of Tolkien’s narrative style – a key feature of the book.

In Tolkien’s books, there are often songs that intertwine the story showing world history or what is happening in the story. The ’70s movie comes with the book’s music allowing it to still convey these important information in the classic style of the story but with the benefit of hearing those songs come to life. It uses actual lyrics from the book to reflect what happens in the story and adds a layer of realism to the film.

Additionally, this film uses short interruptions to other scenes to explain past moments. This is a wise choice for an animated work because it gives the audience visual focus while getting information that is important to the story. Live action movies may rely on actors’ facial expressions and interactions with other characters to convey the importance of past information, but cartoons work differently.

Cartoon Hobbits, especially made in the 70s, the quality of the animation cannot be relied on to capture the severity of information through characters alone. Incorporating images of places and things that represent what is being said, rather than people, provides greater clarity and More interesting ideas about the story being told– again, like reading a storybook.

Gollum_The Hobbit_1977

There’s also the fact that the 2012-2014 Hobbit films were split into three films, giving them a larger length commitment than the animated adaptation. The animated series lasts about an hour and a half, which is a better choice for fans with busy schedules. Therefore, it also has a much faster speed than 2012-2014 Hobbit film. The book of the Hobbit is much faster paced than the book trilogy, and this movie stays true to that. It has no stagnant parts.

It is important to note that this is Definitely a much more kid-friendly story of the classic story than the 2012-2014 films. This makes it a great watch for the family and a sentimental watch for fans of the Tolkien universe. However, viewers with no prior knowledge of the plot may not be able to fully invest their interest, as it is simplified for children. The kid-friendly component of the story is most evident in its handling of violence/fights; it doesn’t show much and certainly no gore.

Other than that, it certainly casts a less flattering light on specific characters but the point of this is that it give the audience a new perspective of these characters and their role in the larger narrative about the story’s world and theme. It emphasizes the darkness of these characters, despite being a children’s cartoon.

All of this considered, it’s a very different approach to story adaptation than it was in 2012-2014 Hobbit film did shoot, but that’s what gives it so much to offer its fans. This is the first cinematic attempt to tell this story and that alone makes it worth watching. In addition, it making viewers expect more at that time opportunity to experience this world, paving the way for the 2000s The Lord of the Rings films and the 2012-2014 The Hobbit. Fans of Peter Jackson’s movies may not like the same elements in this movie, but they’ll certainly find something new to appreciate in its storytelling. As an animated film, it really brought Tolkien’s story to life and left audiences eager to know more.

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