Vitality dominates G2 in the LEC Spring Split Week 2 finale

Team Vitality crushed G2 Esports in their match in the second week of the 2022 LEC Spring Split today. After a rough start to the season, Vitality proved to be dominant in week two of the Tournament, dominating the Rift in the game of the week against G2.

From the draft, League of Legends players and fans can see that the focus on this match is leaning towards bot lane. G2 entered the Rift with a deadly combo of Caitlyn and Zyra for their bot lane, so the spotlight soon shifted from Caps and Perkz to Carzzy and Flakked. And they didn’t keep fans waiting long before giving them a spectacular performance.

The first health went to Vitality after Selfmade changed his jungle position in bot lane even before both duos made it to the second level. With patience and a hook from Labrov, Selfmade scored his first goal against Targamas. Soon after, assist Vitality once again showed off his hooking skills, giving his ADC his first kill in the game.

The early game focuses on side lanes, which Vitality dominates twice: with first health, then again when Alphari solo kills BrokenBlade. Even without hitting any major goals, Vitality had a 2,000 gold lead in the tenth minute.

G2 tried to come back by getting the first Herald back and getting some kills in Vitality back, but it wasn’t enough. Vitality took the first turret and turret, and even when the teamfight was won shortly after, G2 lost another turret.

The talents of each Vitality player and their penchant for attacking play benefited the entire team against G2, which could only respond with actions on the opposite side of the map. At Vitality’s soul time, G2 shifts the opponent’s attention to bot lane using their Second Herald. On the other hand, Vitality patiently waits for the perfect opportunity to strike, control the Pit area and slowly poke the opponent. Attacks went back and forth from both sides, but Vitality’s strength and power overwhelmed G2, who had to leave with half an empty health bar and an inferior player.

Vitality is an unstoppable force at that point in the game. The only thing to do for G2 is to try to deny their opponent the Infernal Dragon Soul, which will cement Vitality’s victory. G2 opens and takes control of the Pit, trying to take the Dragon’s Soul from their opponent’s hand. But it’s Selfmade that really steals the Infernal Soul from G2’s hands, creating the perfect opportunity for their teammates to take down their opponents.

After an 8,000 gold lead, with the possession of Infernal Soul and Baron, Vitality surrounded G2’s base, slowly pushing multiple lanes and taking out two inhibitors. The samurai fought back, repelling their opponents momentarily, but it only delayed the inevitable. With one final teamfight, Vitality took down G2, closing their second week with a perfect 2-0 scoreline.

Vitality were in remarkable form in both games of the second week, proving they only need time before they live up to the expectations Europe has placed on them. Super group League Fans are looking forward to the Rift, and they will face off against SK Gaming and Rogue next week to cement their status as a powerhouse.

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