Virginia Sears’ history-making lieutenant rushed back on CNN host Dana Bash after she claimed that schools in the state don’t cover critical race theory

Virginia’s governor-elect, Winsome Sears, objected to CNN’s Dana Bash after the host stated that critical race theory is not taught in the state’s public schools.

The segment begins with Bash admitting that Sears, a Republican, made history by becoming the first black woman elected to statewide office in Virginia, even though Sears, who has repeatedly said that is not her goal, however says she sees the importance of setting an example for others to follow.

Bash then turned to education, noting that Sears ran on the same platform as opposed to critical racial theory as did Glenn Youngkin, GOP Governor, elected.

“Let’s talk more about education. You object to the Theory of Racism being taught in schools which I should say is not part of the Virginia curriculum,” Bash said.

“While you have said that the good and the bad of American history should be taught, and that – we should also tell the viewer that you are a former vice president of the Virginia Board of Education. Explain how you think race should be taught in Virginia public schools,” added the host.

“Yes, let me go back. I apologize otherwise that CRT is not taught,” Sears countered.

“I didn’t say that. I’m just saying it’s not in the curriculum, just to be clear,” Bash continued.

“No, no, no, no, it’s part of the curriculum, it’s woven (sic) in and out of the curriculum,” Sears continued, explaining that while lesson plans may not actually be says “Critical Race Theory”, which controversially states that the principles of the material have been woven into the standard curriculum over time.

“Actually, back in 2015, the former governor, who was just defeated, McAuliffe, his state Board of Education had information on how to teach it, so it was included. So you know. Well, that’s semantics, but it’s fabricated,” she explained.

At the time, the lieutenant governor also said she thought it was important to teach all of history including “the good, the bad, and the bad”, because that’s the only way to learn from those mistakes in the past.

“But while we’re talking about history, we’re going to be talking about how people, from the 1890s, blacks from the 1890s to about 1950 or 1960, according to the United States Census, were get married at a percentage far beyond anything white people have ever done,” she said.

“As we speak of the Tulsa riots, let us ask ourselves how did the Negro amass so much wealth in the immediate aftermath of the Civil War, that it could be destroyed? How do they do it?” Sears continued.

“You know, they come from zero, from zero, some of them never even got ’40 acres and a mule.’ Let’s try to mimic that,” Sears added.

“One thing the slaves wanted, well, the top three things, their freedom, sure, the next thing was they wanted to find their families and the third thing was they wanted an education. education, and my God, has education become a slur among black people? No!” Sears further noted, noting that she herself was the result of a good upbringing.

She concluded: “Education lifted my father out of poverty when he came to America with only $1.75, education lifted me, because I had to find my own way in this world, and education will lift us all,” she concluded. Virginia Sears’ history-making lieutenant rushed back on CNN host Dana Bash after she claimed that schools in the state don’t cover critical race theory

Huynh Nguyen

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