Viral video shows the Galactic Group stealing Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl from player Ponyta

This hilarious video of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl shows a member of Team Galactic seemingly on the run with the player’s Ponyta.

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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining pearls was released for Nintendo Switch just last Friday. The player has started share some Pokemon Bugs and quirks of the game, especially in regards to Pokemon following them in the underworld.

Allowing Pokemon to follow their trainer is a popular feature among fans of the series, and one that has made Brilliant diamond and Shining pearls. However, unlike in previous games, these walking Pokemon can be moved by NPCs, leading to some hilarious results.

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Reddit user mikeloud recently shared a video of a scripted scene from Brilliant diamond and Shining pearls, where a member of villain team Team Galactic run away from the player. However, mikeloud’s Ponyta happened to be in Galactic grunt’s way, causing a groan to push it off the screen as he ran. Thus, it seems that Galactic grunt actually stole the player’s Pokemon, something the evil team usually fails to do.

While the original Diamond Pokemon and Pearl As the walking Pokemon feature, they exist in a much more limited capacity. Walking Pokemon is restricted to a single area in the gameand only certain Pokemon can track the player. However, in Brilliant diamond and shining pearls, Any Pokemon can follow their trainer through any open-air area of ​​the underworld, leading to some unintended – albeit humorous – consequences as demonstrated by mikeloud.

Pokemon Fans love to go with a companion and it’s easy to see why. May traveling with a Pokemon lends credence to the idea that these creatures are the player’s friends, not mindless fighting machines. Interacting with Pokemon in the underworld also often comes with some perks, such as raising their friendship stats or being given free items, adding a nice bonus. So it’s no surprise that Brilliant diamond and Shining pearls make sure to include this feature, a notable change from their original iterations.

However, many parts of the game are simply not made with walking Pokemon in mind, which can be frustrating for players. Some people have noted that their Pokemon can interfere with the player character’s movements, especially on the narrow bike paths found in the Sinnoh region, or even trap them in small corners. Thankfully, players can “push” their Pokemon to move them, or disable the feature entirely, prevent them from being soft locked. Until Nintendo releases patches for these issues, fans such as mikeloud can poke fun at it. Brilliant diamond and shining pearls, Created good laughs for those enjoying these highly-anticipated remakes.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining pearls Now available for Nintendo Switch.

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