Viral Mr Beast Squid Game Controversial tweet about creator economy

Game show MrBeast based on Netflix’s hit Squad Game attracted some controversial debate about the difference between YouTube and Hollywood.

MrBeast Squid game

Netflix’s Squid fishing game was a great success and will most likely go down as of the new decade Royal War. The program is available inspires an entire genre Roblox fan projectand some content creators have even hosted events based on popular Netflix shows.

YouTuber Mr Beast recently hosted a real life Squid fishing game. He recreated every challenge from Netflix giving 456 contestants a chance to win $456,000. Although Mr Beast’s version is significantly less gory than its inspiration, it still attracted some controversy online.

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Video of Mr Beast’s Squid fishing game currently only stops at 115 million views on his YouTube channel. Forbes and Time contributor and content creator Jon Youshaei saw its popularity bounce back when the video hit 113 million views, noting that it beat the Netflix show’s 103 million views. “More views, less time, less gatekeepers,” Youshaei tweeted, celebrating what he sees as a promising future for the creator-driven media economy.

Many responses shared Youshaei’s enthusiasm, but not everyone agreed with his interpretation of events. YouTuber Last-Line argues that’s not a fair comparison. He pointed out that Mr. Beast’s entertainment about Squid fishing game Quite an impressive feat, but it only exists because the Netflix series goes ahead. There’s also a sizable difference between producing a 25-minute game show and an 8-hour TV series. Not to mention that watching a single YouTube video is much more accessible and significantly less time investment than a complete series of videos on Netflix.

Last-Line isn’t the only one to disagree with Jon Youshaei’s approach, with many coming back to agree with him or express similar opinions. However, some have even come up with their criticism, calling Mr Beast’s video “a copycat pasta dish”. Although such a statement may seem harsh, Squid fishing game actually provided both intuitive concepts and designs. Also, others pointed out that just because Director Hwang Dong-hyuk started writing Squid fishing game ten years ago, doesn’t mean it took ten years to make.

Youshaei responded to some of the criticism, countering that the gap between writer and producer actually supported his argument about Hollywood gatekeepers. He also clarified that his comment was meant to demonstrate how far the creators have come, not to disparage the Netflix show. Unfortunately, there seems to be little Youshaei can do to stem the tide of angry tweets.

This can cause a lot of controversy over an innocuous comment, and it probably is. However, Jon Youshaei is no doubt right about one thing, and that is that Mr Beast has accomplished an impressive feat with his version. Squid fishing game Based on the hit Netflix series. Arguing on Twitter that one is better than the other doesn’t seem to see the forest for the trees.

Squid fishing game available on Netflix.

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