Village of Rosemont retracts red light camera violation after woman gives proof it wasn’t her car

ROSEMONT, Ill. (WLS) – I-Team first investigated a red light intersection in Rosemont last year, raising millions of dollars. Now, one woman is saying she was given a ticket at that same intersection, but it wasn’t her car on camera.

In May, Alexa Roy received an infringement notice for running a red light in Rosemont at the intersection of River and Higgins, and was fined $100. Problem: The car and number plate may be the same but they are not Roy’s.

“The license plate doesn’t look like mine. I have a very clear Illinois license plate with Illinois at the top and ombre white buildings. And my car has a very clear sunroof at the top. The car in photo no Illinois Roy said.

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Roy wrote to Rosemont Village and did the first part of the appeals process, submitting pictures of her car and license plate to prove that her car was not the one in the video posted on their website.

However, Rosemont still found Roy responsible and continued to send her numerous notices about the $100 due.

Roy told I-Team: “I feel very strongly about being exploited in a way because I think there are a lot of people who might have gone through the same process as me, like they tried to appeal under the law. right way.

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I-Team contacted Rosemont and was told, “after a secondary review and provision of information, we have determined that the breach was submitted in error due to improper license plate recognition. Alexa will received notice that the adjudicator has ruled not to be held liable.”

Soon after, Roy received a confirmation in the mail.

Roy said: “I am very happy but I am still very sad to have to do this, because I have to have so many people involved.

The I-Team investigated a similar intersection in Rosemont in February 2020 following criticism from those who suggested that the designated right turn at that intersection was a red light camera trap.

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The village objected to that and said signs had been put up for motorists to see.

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