Video shows Resident Evil Survivor Redux Mod in action

The creator of the Resident Evil Survivor Redux mod shared new footage showing a game that more closely resembles the classic Resident Evil titles.

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Resident Evil: Survivor is one of the more gimmicky games to come from Resident Evil The earliest entry of the franchise. Developer of Survivor: Redux The mod has shared new footage of the game, showing a title that looks a bit closer to the original PS1 Resident Evil Game.

Critics and fans didn’t look at Resident Evil Survivor loved it when it was released in 2000. Unlike the atmospheric third-person gameplay offered by the original Resident Evil trilogy, Survivor placed entirely in first-person perspective. More than 20 years later, first-person games are a big part of Resident Evil experience, as with recent Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil Village Game. The light gun motif will appear in many other things Resident Evil title, including sequels in Resident Evil Survivor 2 – Code: Veronica, and Resident Evil: Dead Aim, as well as the following titles, Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.


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Aydan Watkins gave an update on their project, Resident Evil: Survivor Redux, showing off the opening minutes of the match. From the start, the changes were obvious, as all the light gun UI elements are gone and there’s only a simple locked camera angle on the protagonist when he emerges from a helicopter. the helicopter was sunk. Watkins quickly displays an inventory screen, organized and equipped with reminiscent sound effects original Resident Evil, before encountering the first zombies in the game. Just like the old games, Watkins equips the protagonist with a shotgun and fires multiple shots at the zombies, then makes sure they stay by shooting at them on the ground.

Not long ago did Watkins originally revealed Resident Evil: Survivor Redux mod, announced that the demo was then available to play. In this new video, Watkins provides initial test footage of the mod, noting in the video’s description that “polish a lot [is] still required “like changing the sound effects and what not. The mod also seems to be playable on the original PS1 hardware, not just through a PC emulator. Watkins states the intent of the play. run this test footage in the description,” This video is just to document what can be done with PlayStation mods. “

When original Resident Evil: Survivor there are definitely fans out there, Watkins and their team deserve a lot of credit for what they’ve worked so hard to create. This project might not have been easy just changing the POV of the original game, but a full-scale rebuild of Survivor using assets from other games. Players can even catch an example of this in the video, where the narrator says “Resident Evil 2” on the main menu screen. Hopefully the project continues to progress smoothly to a fully playable state.

Resident Evil Survivor available on PS1.

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